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How Over Intensive Workouts Can Be Harmful?

​Exercising is the key to a healthy lifestyle and promotes a longer and happy life. It is a proven fact that exercise is the answer to many kinds of health-related issues. We all know

that physical exercising is good for us and should be done regularly. With exercising one could avoid an array of health problems. 

However, it is also important to keep in mind that over-exercising can cause some ill-effects to the body. These negative side effects could be pretty serious in the long run and thus one must be aware of their body and should have full control over the exercise they are doing. It is often good to sometimes slow down and figure out the exercise you are doing. Thus, it is recommended to consult a trainer who can form your program and could keep a check on whether you are overstressing your body or not. 

In our mid-30s we all require health security therefore checking out health insurance plans for a well-planned secure future is a good decision. Ill effects of over-exercising are:

Decreased performance and energy

If you notice that due to working there is a regular dip in your performance especially during aerobic exercises this means that you are not increasing the load on your body constantly and the body is pushed too hard. Also, if you feel tired after working out and this tiredness is constant it means that the body is under overexertion and needs rest.

Poor health & sleeplessness

There have been researches that if you are exercising more than 7.5 hours a week in an irregular way you can be prone to anxiety more often than others. An overstressed body could cause confusion and anger. Also, while a light exercise session can give a blissful sleep too much exercise could disturb the sleeping schedule.

Health Risk from over-exercising

The side effects on health depend on the level of physical activity you do. 

While it controls weight gain and much ill-health condition if done excess can degrade our well-being. Many trainers do recommend rigorous training but that is meant for athletes who have been taking proper diets and their workload is also increasing highly uniform way in this way they can bear the pressure of rigorous training but this does not mean we are ready to do a work out meant for an athlete. Therefore, it is important to know your limits and do not push the body beyond those. 

Tips to avoid over-exercising

An hour a day is the healthy amount of exercise advised by a doctor. It is a good amount to keep the body in good shape and anything above that in an irregular way means that you are putting more pressure on your body. 

Doing fewer repetitions with lighter weights helps. Keep yourself hydrated. A good amount of water in the body keeps the muscle relaxed and thus protects the body from exertion. And besides all these, make sure to buy health insurance policy to get financial protection for yourself and family. A health insurance policy covers treatment expenses is really helpful during emergencies.​