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How to Get Pollution Certificate Online?

​With digitalization, getting things at the comfort at your homes have been easier. Pollution Under Control Certificate or PUC certificate is a government-issued and mandated document that is awarded to the vehicle if its emission levels are within the authorized emission standards. This pollution test certificate must be present with every vehicle on the road at all times. Inability to produce this certificate when asked can lead to a heavy penalty against the driver or the car owner.

PUC certificate is mandatory to protect the environment from harmful gases emitted by vehicles as important it is to get a Car Insurance policy that protects your financial interest in case of an accident. This certificate costs between Rs. 60 to Rs. 100, depending on the vehicle and is valid for up to 6 months. The test for obtaining a PUC certificate can be taken at any PUC centre near you. This process has been further simplified by making it available online for people to access it in the comfort of their homes.

Here's how you can obtain your pollution test certificate online! 

Application Process

  • Step 1: Get your vehicle's exhaust pipe scanned by the testing executives at your nearest PUC centre. It will be the determinant of its emission levels.
  • Step 2: Make the payment (offline or online) at the centre to initiate the process.

The government-affiliated PUC centres and RTOs are the only bodies that can provide a valid PUC certificate online. 

Check Status Online

Government has now introduced a dedicated online portal, known as 'Parivahan Seva', for PUC certification. You can check the status, validity, etc. of your vehicle online through this portal.

Here's how you can access all the related information:

Process 1: This process can be used to check your PUC certificate online and view validity and reading.

  • Step 1: Visit and click on the PUC certificate section
  • Step 2: Enter the required credentials which include registration number, last 5 digits of vehicle's chassis number, and captcha code. Submit to view the information.

Process 2: In case you have applied for a new PUC centre to get your emission levels tested, you can check the status of your application with this process.

  • Step 1: Visit and click on the ­­­'application status' section.
  • Step 2: Enter your application ID. Fill the captcha code and submit to view the status of your application​

Download PUC Online
With this new portal, this process has become highly efficient and accessible to people

Here's how you can obtain your PUC online

  • Step 1: Visit and click on the ­­­'PUC certificate' section
  • Step 2: Enter the required credentials and submit to be redirected to the page containing your PUC certificate
  • Step 3: If the certificate is under validity, you can download and print it easily.​

New technology has made basic automobile-related services much easier to access. Whether you need to get your PUC certificate or buy car insurance online, it can all be done with the touch of a finger. Make full use of this service and protect yourself from getting hefty penalties!