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Treatment and Precautions for Dengue

​What is dengue?

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease, generally spread during the summer and the rainy season. The mosquito named Aedes Aegypti, commonly known as the yellow-fever mosquito, is its carrier.

Dengue spreads quite quickly and can be fatal at times. According to few surveys, dengue has a presence in more than 100 countries and over 3 billion people live in high-risk areas. With the mounting risk, the need for health insurance ​is also increasing to cover the early diagnosis and treatment cost.

Treatment and cost in India?

According to doctors, there is no specific treatment that is used to cure dengue. The only way is to treat the symptoms and wait for the body to heal itself. Symptoms caused by dengue can be confused with other diseases such as rash, fever, and body aches, which make it more dangerous.

Dengue treatment involves treating the symptoms, such as a fever that includes the dosage of paracetamol. People need to be hydrated at all times, drinking plenty of fluids can account for all the lost energy of the body. Resting is the most important part of the treatment as it creates a way for the body to transfer all the readily available energy in treating the infection.

Some people (1 in 20) people develop severe complications which could lead to internal bleeding, shock, or even death. If not provided with the proper treatment and care, the situation can escalate rapidly. Here, the dengue treatment cost involves the hospital charges as severe dengue needs hospital care.

There are various warning signs of severe dengue that include feeling tired, vomiting blood, belly pain, blood through the nose, etc. If you feel any of the above symptoms, you need to contact your healthcare provider as it is a medical emergency.

Prevention of dengue includes the use of mosquito repellent sprays and lotions that prevent mosquito bites. This should be particularly kept in mind while travelling to any tropical place or a place of high infection risk. Some people who visit the risk zones might not be infected with the virus but might act as a carrier. So, it is important to apply mosquito repellent, as a mosquito infected with the virus could spread to hundreds of people and it could turn into a dangerous situation.

How Can Health Insurance Help Me?

Health insurance policy for dengue ​ranges from the birth of a person to 61 years.

The health insurance coverage provides a cover of Rs.10,000 to take care of diagnostic tests, home treatment, medicines, etc. In case of hospitalisation, the insurance company bears the cost of a single AC room. The coverage also includes the cost of 15 days of post-hospitalization and pre-hospitalization.

The waiting period of any insurance policy for dengue treatment is 15 days, so you need to read all the documents about the waiting period for various diseases carefully. In these 15 days, you can cancel your policy if you do not require it and get the premium amount back from the insurer.

Health insurance is a necessity in today's world as the cost of healthcare is increasing day by day. Health insurance benefits ​include not burning away your savings while treatment of a medical emergency. Your health insurance benefits also include cashless claims and reimbursement claims. You are eligible for cashless treatment if you go to any partner hospital. In that case, you do not have to pay upfront from your pocket or file a reimbursement claim.