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Lockdown In Europe: Restrictions Applicable To International Travel

​UK, France, Germany, Greece, Belgium all of these nations have imposed strict lockdown measures to control the effect of the second wave of coronavirus. With that, it is pretty evident that there will be restrictions on international travel as well. All these restrictions will impact the operation of airlines and will lead to a fall in passenger travel. 

Though none of the countries has shut their borders either within the EU or internationally. Due to low bookings of flight during the lockdown, many airlines have cancelled their flight. Many airlines have cancelled flight from one European country to the other, which has prevented people from taking connecting flights to international destinations. 

In a week, most of the European countries have imposed lockdown as their hospitals reach the saturation point. There was no choice but to re-implement lockdown measures, travel restrictions and curfews. As the death toll reached 50,000, many countries decided to move from curfew to full lockdown. Many European countries entered the red list meaning that residents from those countries won't be able to travel without having a negative PCR card. 

What happens to the travel plans?

Although many of these jurisdictions haven't closed their borders, the cancellation of the flight is mainly due to low demand. The situation is now predicted last longer as the impact of a wave after the first one passes is known to be more prolonged if not damaging. Thus, it has affected the passenger's ability to book even a connecting flight as many European flights have been cancelled. People are stuck in their home for a longer time than they expected. For example for someone travelling to Germany from India via France will now face difficult due to cancellation of flights between France and Germany. While there are nations who also have mandatory travelling with Schengen travel insurance for a secure trip. 

​Are flights from India to Europe operating? 

Yes, you can find a flight from India to Europe. The air bubble arrangement signed between the two countries was meant to lift the air restrictions for travel. Thus it will be according to the schedule under the air bubble arrangement with the UK, France and Germany. Lufthansa, Air India and Virgin Atlantic said they will continue operation but under monitored scheduling. British airways also accepted that they are analysing the situation and following all guidelines for safety from their side. 

Vistara which operated 4 flights from New Delhi to London was expected to increase the frequency to five from November 21 expecting decrease in cases, but now will operate only three flights seeing the lockdown and less demand. 

What about people trying to travel out of Europe?

British Government clearly said that there is no exemption on staying from your home on a holiday, this includes staying in a second home. In Europe, many people were treating lockdown as a break they had for holiday, and thus it lead to frequent travels and rise in several cases. Thus, the Government has now imposed strict restrictions on travel. Germany though has only entered a partial phase of lockdown by asking down restaurants and bars to be shut down.

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