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Guide For Health Insurance Claim For Coronavirus

​There would be nothing new in saying that coronavirus is rapidly transmitting into the world and has affected millions of people. It is taking shape of one of the largest pandemic the world has ever seen. Ever since its spread in India there have been numerous predictions around where the spread is going, what will be the number of people affected from the disease and there has been a huge loss of life and capital. 

Amidst this crisis, there was a needed health insurance plan​ which could cover for the coronavirus specifically. With 14-day quarantine and no specific treatment, the overall cost for treating someone tested positive with COVID-19 was very high. This made it difficult for most of the people to afford the check-up. For this IRDAI launched plans in India that would specifically tackle the spread of this particular disease. A coronavirus health insurance​ was particularly needed in these hard times to get people covered who can’t afford a huge sum of treatment all at once. 

If you are planning to get the coronavirus health insurance which is highly recommended, you must know all the details of the policy as well to avoid any further dispute. 

Basic information

Numerous companies have come up with their coronavirus health insurance plan apart from the two policies which are made compulsory by IRDAI and thus it is important to clearly understand all of them and then make a wise decision in choosing one. 

The patients getting admitted get the best possible treatment under the insurance claim like any other disease so there is no worry about any compromised check-up

However, there are some points to keep in mind to avoid any disputes.

When will you not be able to register a claim?

There are several policies which list the number of hours you should be hospitalised to get the claim. So, if you have not been hospitalised for 24 hours you may not be able to claim. Also, you must be tested positive for COVID-19. This policy does not offer a claim for any other disease.

If you are patient of any respiratory issue for the last one month already before taking the insurance then it could be possible that your insurer may not settle your claim. 

If you have been suffering from cough, flu and any other thing and you are taking medication and planning treatment to find out whether you have coronavirus then your policy may not cover you if you are tested negative. 

If you or anyone from your family has a recent travel history to the countries worst affected by a coronavirus. Also, if anyone from your family has been to these countries and you have been in touch with them then your contact may not get settled. 

Hence, it is important to buy health insurance online and get protection for your family right now. This is a really hard time and each family needs security with the rising health care cost and thus all of us need a coronavirus health insurance.