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The Benefits of a Solo Travel - Part 2

​Let's continue with our compelling list of reasons to go on a vacation alone. 

Take things at your own pace: There are two types of travelers in the world. The first type wish to squeeze everything into their itinerary, while the second type of travelers like to take things as they come.  The former religiously plan their entire trip and like to rush things. The latter soak it all in and prefer lazing around and relaxing even at the expense of missing out on seeing everything.  This contrast in mindset leads to clashes when traveling together.  There is always a chance of people feeling rushed or getting upset about missing out on places. 
When you travel solo you don’t have to deal with any of this. You enjoy a jam-packed itinerary? Go for it.  Like to get lost at your destination? You can do that too. A solo traveler has the luxury of being on his own time.
Become more observant
When you travel with a partner or a group you focus all your attention towards them.  All of your time is spent conversing with the people around you. However, without this distraction you can focus your attention on the environment. Do you take a vacation to chat with your companions or to admire the beauty around you? Traveling solo unleashes all of your senses. So, the spotlight falls on the sounds and the scents which were in the background  earlier. You break out of your comfort zone and start observing every small detail around you. This results in a more enriching experience throughout your vacation.

Learn to deal with obstacles
When you travel, things never go as per your plan. You are bound to experience a flat tire, bad weather or a broken road on your journey.  There are a plethora of things that can go wrong on your vacation. As a solo traveler, you learn to deal with these setbacks on your own. This serves as a learning which ensures you deal with any obstacle which arises in your life. Would this be possible if you were being pampered by your travel companions?

Traveling on your own can be one of the best experiences you can ever have.  Make sure you emulate Kangana Ranaut’s vacation in 'Queen' at least once in your lifetime. It might change your life just like it changed hers.