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Why Hair Loss is an Indication of Poor Nutrition?


We all are worried about finding few hair strands in our combs. The truth is that we all lose 50 to 100 hairs every day, and that is normal and not even noticeable. There is new hair which keeps replacing them, thus we may not have to worry about the loss of these hairs. It is when the hair falls increases, we start losing fully grown thick hair that we should begin to worry. When the replacement becomes slow, that is the time when hair loss occurs. 

Ignoring hair loss is what we often do. It is not good at all. If we keep neglecting hair loss for a long time and do not consult a doctor reporting a problem for the same, we will be bald in or mid-30s when people will be flaunting their hair. Hair loss can be a sign of many underlying health issues, thus one should speak to a doctor to find the cause for the same and get proper treatment quickly. We will here discuss various causes of hair loss, treatment options and ways to prevent it. Buy health insurance at an affordable cost and get protection for your family. Having insurance will protect your savings and will cover all your treatments in time of emergency. 

Causes of Hair Loss

Thyroid Problem:​

Hair loss can be a common symptom of thyroid disorder. It is a condition common in women where a body produces an inadequate amount of thyroid hormone.

Drastic Weight Loss:

There can be many reasons for extreme weight loss, a common symptom for the same could be hair loss. 

Hereditary Factors:

Hair loss due to genes is one of the most common causes of hair loss. It starts early and can even begin at an age of 20. 


​Treatment for a certain illness like cancer has been linked to hair loss. The hard mediation releases certain drugs which can promote hair loss. 

Treatment Options

Consulting a doctor is the best way to start a treatment. You can go to a dermatologist to know the cause for the hair loss and can get recommended treatment for the same. For most people, lifestyle changes are recommended with primary medication which could be in the form of some oil or cream, in a few cases you will find a use of tablets. In some cases, treatment of hair loss will need surgical procedures to remove complete baldness. 

Tips for prevention 

Tips for Hair Care

Doing extensive hairstyling that puts too much pressure on the hair can be damaging. Do not pull or twist your hair. Keep a check on the hair styling products you use, extensive use of these products can damage the quality of the hair. Follow a proper routine for your hair that also includes trimming it regularly. 

Balanced Diet

Eating a notorious diet with a good source of protein is helpful for hair growth. Consuming Vitamin C also helps boost the production of functions essential for hair health. 

Take care of your health and also protect your saving by getting health insurance which will give you financial security by covering for the medical expenses and treatment costs.​