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Why are Masks with Valve not Safe to Use by General Public?

​The Director-general of the Health Services in the ministry of health recently wrote that the use of valve mask by the general public is inappropriate. These valved masks are not good for COVID and are designed for designated health professionals. The use of N95 does not prevent the spread of the virus as it could escape from the valve of the mask and thus its use is inappropriate. The director also promoted that homemade cloth mask should be promoted much more than these giant chains which have been feeding on the population and costing a lot. 

The main purpose of any kind of mask is to prevent the virus from spreading further and a cloth mask is much more efficient in limiting the virus than valve mask which is not able to stop the spread of the virus. In this hard time, it is necessary to take necessary safety measures for yourself and for your family. Hence, buying a health insurance​ also becomes a necessary. Health insurance will give you financial protection and will ease out the burden of the medical cost which you may face. 

What is a N-95 valve respirator mask?

N-95 masks are designed as personal protective equipment designed to protect the person wearing it from heavy airborne particles and any liquid contamination. It reduces wearer exposure to small as well as larger particles. It filters out almost 95% of the harmful particles and the edge of the mask is designed like to seal the mouth and the nose. N-95 are good masks as they seal the area around mouth and nose completely to prevent any harmful bacteria from entering. 

This ask is primarily designed for health care workers and has also been used by people working at the construction site to protect them for harmful big particles that emerge at the time construction is going on. 

What type of N-95 is to be avoided?

With a lot of news going viral against N-95, it is necessary to be informed and to know what is the particular type of N-95 which you must avoid. A mask with an opening in the front or valve must be avoided as it could be a one-way valve which would only protect you while will not protect others. Also, it does not have the capability of filtering the aerosols. The idea of wearing a perfect mask is to wear a mask which also protects others. Such masks are beneficial as they do not put anybody at risk. 

A dual valve N95 can filter particles while inhaling as well as exhaling. However, these kinds of masks are used by health professional depending on the level of virus they are exposed to. 

The best type of mask to ear in public is the cotton cloth mask which must be cleaned and washed each day with every use. This is a strong and affordable protector. Also, make sure to protect your finances with a health insurance policy.