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Which Countries Are Reopening Their Borders?

​Coronavirus has taken over the world by storm. There is no medicine or vaccine available, so that’s why various countries implemented lockdown and closed borders for tourists and trade. But now after 3 months of complete lockdown, some countries have opened their borders and are beginning to welcome visitors to their shores.

Our country is also opening, not internationally but some places within the country are opening. Indians can now travel via flights and trains domestically. However, there are some countries that have started hosting tourists from across the world or will soon do it. 

We can’t travel but knowing that some of our favorite places are opening gives us hope, that someday our country will also reopen, and we can also travel. But before you pack your bag, you should buy travel insurance. This insurance policy is necessary given the circumstances we are living in. Given below is the list of countries that have reopened their borders or will reopen soon for international visitors: 


The government of Iceland has eased international restrictions from 15 June. However, this beautiful country was already opened for professionals since 15th May. Professionals such as scientists, filmmakers, and athletes who have agreed for a modified quarantine. The tourist has to either go for 2 weeks of quarantine or they have to get themselves tested at the airport. This test will be free. 


According to the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, their country will reopen its doors to international visitors in the month of June. They have opened their country to 29 countries. Visitors from these 29 countries don’t have to go through quarantine or COVID-19 test. However, if you are not from those listed 29 countries, you might have to face quarantine on arrival for 1 to 2 weeks. Lifting the restrictions on tourism will help Greece enhance their economy and employment rate because tourism accounts for more than 20 percent of Greece’s GDP.


Anyone who wants to go to Italy will be happy to know that the country reopened on 3rd June. However, only visitors from the 26 countries are allowed to visit this beautiful country. All of these 26 countries are part of the European Union. Visitors coming from these countries don’t have to face any quarantine on arrival. Many cafes, restaurants, and bars have already opened in the country with proper social-distancing measures. 


Portugal was worst affected by coronavirus pandemic, but it is slowly opening bars, hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. Visitors from selected countries can travel to Portugal, without any restrictions. Portugal’s Foreign Minister said that tourists only have to go through some health checks at airports, but it is not compulsory to get quarantined on arrival. One can enjoy beaches in Portugal while following social distancing measures. Tourists can download an app that will provide information about how many people are present on the beach at any given time. 

Let us all hope that this COVID-19 nightmare ends soon, so we can travel to these beautiful countries soon. But before you pack your bags, never forget to pack it with essentials like clothes, travel guide, travel insurance​, etc.