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What Kind of Fitness Activities Should Seniors Engage in?

Exercise is something no one should ever miss upon. Yeah, it is always easier said than done, and when you talk about seniors, things can be more complicated. However, everyone needs some kind of motivation to get started and continue with the workout. Studies have shown how regular exercise keeps your physical and mental well-being intact. Staying fit and healthy should be everyone's motive irrespective of age. Age has never been a barrier in the journey of getting fitter, it is the mentality that restrict us to push ourselves and make a healthy change in your lifestyle.

 Benefits of Physical Activity for Senior Citizen ​

According to several researches and studies, we have been educated about the numerous benefits of exercise and working out time and again. Here, we are discussing about the benefits specifically for older adults. 

1. Improves balance and coordination: Exercise also improves balance and coordination in the body that further can prevent falls. And, falls at an older age can cause major injuries which take even more time to heal. 

2. Improves Strength: Work out and exercise increase bone as well as muscle strength which makes older adults independent. It makes them less prone to injuries like fracture or muscle rupture. 

3. Boosts energy level and mood: People who work out regularly, tend to have improved energy levels and a happier mood. It is because of the “feel good" hormones (endorphins), released by the body while working out. 

4. Improves immunity: Regular exercise reduces the risk of being captured by chronic diseases. People who workout regularly tend to have an improved immunity system​ that help them fight and cure chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes and more. 

5. Weight management: As age increases, the metabolism tends to slow down, which makes it difficult to manage weight. However, physical activity can help you keep your weight in check.

Types of Physical Activities Senior Citizens Should Practice

Based on the types, activities are divided into three categories - light activity, moderate aerobic activity, and vigorous intensity activity. 

1. Light Activity

Light activity is nothing more than doing daily house chores. The purpose of this activity is to keep your body moving. Some examples for the same are:

- Making your bed 

- Vacuuming floors 

- Moving or walking around home 

- Yoga

2. Moderate Aerobic Activity 

This category targets on increasing your heart rate, where you will breathe faster and feel warmer during the workout. Such types of activities may include but are not limited to: 

- Cycling 

- Brisk walking 

- Dancing 

- Hiking 

- Water aerobics 

3. Vigorous Intensity Activity

Vigorous intensity activity includes the activities that makes it harder to breathe. It is said that 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activities are equivalent to 150 minutes of moderate intensity activities. The examples for the activities are: ​

- Running or jogging at a faster pace 

- Swimming 

- Football 

- Aerobics 

- Single tennis

- Hiking uphill 

Exercising may seem to be a difficult task at first. You feel like giving up as soon as you start it, but consistency can yield you wonderful results in terms of mental and physical health.

Besides working out there is another thing you should never miss, which is purchasing health insurance. It will keep your savings secure in times of emergencies and when unpredicted health issues arise