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How to Prevent Loosing your Luggage on a Foreign Trip

​You may not have noticed it but the incidents of airlines losing your luggage accidentally are quite a common thing these days. It is quite shocking for someone to know that he/she has lost their baggage while travelling. The person may not be worried about expensive clothes or gadgets as much as they are worried about the travel documents which were there in the luggage. There are people who don’t take any travel documents along with them. They usually leave it back in the luggage. This habit proves fatal when they lose the luggage. This is the most basic incident that could happen to anyone on an overseas trip. If you are smart enough, you may carry the necessary travel documents and valuables with you or else your trip could end instantly as you may not have extra currency or travel documents to prove your identity or the fact that you belong to a particular country.​​

Do you even know what could possibly help you out in this situation? It is nothing else but tr​avel in​surance​. These are the times for which a person opts for travel insurance which most people don’t pay attention to as they find it a wasteful expense.

Whether you are travelling to a romantic destination with your loved one or a business trip to an international wing of your company, you go through a lot of trouble in getting things together like booking flight tickets, finalizing on the accommodation and arranging other things like foreign currency, deciding on the places you plan to visit (official or personal) etc. You try and book tickets and hotels to get the best deals which could leave you with a significant amount to spend on the trip. You may make all the necessary provisions in order to make your trip comfortable. But, all your arrangements could for a toss if your baggage does not arrive on the airport of your destination. This is the main reason why people stress on buying a travel insurance policy.

How can you prevent losing your baggage?

Use luggage tags: Most people use luggage tags to label their luggage. The luggage tag contains all the necessary contact details of the person who owns the baggage. If you know where you are going to stay, you can also mention the address and the room details on your luggage tag. This helps a person track you in case you lose your luggage. 

Early check-in: If you board a flight late, the chances are that the baggage handler is in a rush. This could increase the chances of losing luggage.

Click picture of your baggage: This will help the airline staff to find your luggage in case you lose it instead of mentioning the details about your baggage verbally. It is also useful when you make a claim to the travel insurance company.

Give a distinct identity to your luggage: Sometimes a fellow traveler could take your bag due to the color or size confusion. You could keep a distinct identity of your baggage so that it helps you/others to spot the difference.

Even after all the precautions, there are chances that you may lose your baggage, hence you must always buy travel insurance.