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Top 5 Myths about Coronavirus You Should Stop Believing Right Away

​​Ever since coronavirus got declared as a pandemic on the 11th of March, the entire world (along with the governments and employees in the essential services sector) is fighting against the viral infection with full determination. But, amidst these constant efforts, the common masses are getting surrounded by the dark clouds of several myths that hold no ground. 

To date, nearly 597,267 corona cases have been recorded across the whole world. This is a very depressing figure and to ensure that your life returnsto its usual track, you need to stop believing in the baseless myths that you hear from your acquaintances or come across on social media. 

Check out the following myths – 

1. Hot Bath Reduces The Risk Of Coronavirus 

Taking bath with extremely hot water is only going to burn your skin and nothing else. So, do not think that taking a hot bath will keep you protected against CoVID-19. Simply maintain your hygiene, wash your hands at regular intervals and do get a health insurance cover for your family. 

2. CoVID-19 Means Instant Death 

This is the biggest myth that is creating unrest among the masses. According to a report, 80.9% of corona cases found were mild, which do not result in death. If proper precautions are taken and the treatment begins at the right time, situations can be put under control. 

3. The Disease Can Spread Through Mosquitoes, Dogs, And Cats 

There has been no evidence or research till date that clearly mentions the spread of Corona through mosquito bites, dogs, and cats. It is a respiratory virus that spreads through discharge from the nose or droplets of saliva. So, when an infected person coughs or sneezes, the chances of infecting other people increase. 

4. Face Masks Offer Complete Protection Against Coronavirus 

If you think only wearing face masks will keep you protected from the grip of corona, you are certainly wrong. The mask worn by healthcare workers snugly fit around their faces, restricting any droplets from entering their nose and mouth. Such level of protection is not provided by disposable face masks. However, if you are suffering from a respiratory illness, do wear any type of mask to avoid others getting infected. 

5. ​Saline Nose Rinse Is An Effective Protection Method 

Any signs of upper respiratory tract infections may be minimized through this technique. But, as far as coronavirus is concerned, no research has shown any evidence or proof that claims about the treatment of CoVID-19 through saline nose rinse. 

In the present situation, the only thing you need to do is to take care of yourself and follow the right procedure (washing hands, not touching mouth or nose, sneezing in the elbow, etc.) to avoid getting corona infected. Lastly, do buy health insurance ​policy today to ensure your family is covered against any misfortune (related to health) ahead. As far as possible, stay at home and stay safe. Contact the insurance provider via phone, think positive and expect things to turn out better soon.

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