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Top 5 Countries with Highest Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

​Have you ever read about the marvels of human achievement? No, we are not talking about technological advancements or other human-made inventions. We are talking about the heritage sites in the world that are listed by UNESCO as having physical or cultural significance.

As of January 2020, there are around 1121 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Don't you feel surprised that you haven't explored even one of them? Its high time that you must plan a trip to some of the most popular countries (as mentioned below) that have the maximum number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also, make it a point to buy travel insurance once your trip is confirmed. It will protect you in emergency and unexpected situations.

The list goes as follows –

1. China

China has 56 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with The Great Wall of China as the most popular one. The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Western Qing Tombs, Ming tombs, Zhoukoudian and Eastern Qing Tombs also attract thousands of tourists every year. Besides these, you may find a family mansion of Confucius, a cemetery and a temple in Qufu city. Visiting the south-west of the Fujian province, you may find Fujian Tulou, which consists of 46 multi-storeyed buildings, set in a circular courtyard.

2. Italy

With 58 UNESCO sites, Italy shares the first position with China in the list of countries with most sites. The Historical Center of Rome, Botanical Garden, Cinque Terre, Alberobello, Venice, and The Amalfi Coast are among the most-visited UNESCO sites in Italy. If you love nature and adventure, Piedmont can be the perfect destination to visit.

3. Germany

The most popular world heritage sites in Germany (total 51 in number) include Aachen Cathedral, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, Bauhaus, Berlin Modernist Housing Estates, Classical Weimar, and Cologne Cathedral. The Wadden Sea is also a UNESCO-protected site. Surprised? It is the world's largest system of mud flats and intertidal sand. It's a must visit place. Also, remember to get a travel insurance for Germany before you apply for a Visa as it is a Schengen country and it is mandatory to have a travel insurance to obtain a visa.

4. Spain

An exceptionally creative contribution to Spain's architectural heritage caused the work of Antoni Gaudí to be listed by UNESCO as the world heritage site. Though Spain has 49 sites in total, there are a few sites that attract the most number of tourists. These include The Historic City of Cordoba, Alhambra, Altamira Caves, Teide National Park, Camino de Santiago, and the Historic Centre of Toledo.

5. France

The world heritage list has 41 sites from France inscribed on it. Of these, 4 are natural properties, 39 are cultural properties, and only 1 is a mixed property. While planning a trip to France, don't miss visiting the popular sites, viz. Mont Saint Michel, Paris, Gulf Of Porto, Roman Theater, and Lagoons Of New Caledonia.

It is a must to have travel insurance while you enjoy your trip to these countries. Not just the policy will cover you against financial losses, but will also aid you in situations where you need to cancel your trip, have missed your flight or got injured on the trip. So, get covered and plan a trip today​!​