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Tips to Take Care of Your Motorcycle Tires

Tires are the most important part of our motorcycle. If you keep riding your bike with a faulty tire, you are not only risking your life but also putting others at risk. Here is a list to check to keep your bike's tires fully functional.

You need to know that tire condition plays a big role in your motorbike performance. And it directly affects your safety while riding on the streets. Think about potential two wheeler insurance claims and premium increases.

Here you would know about tires and the relevant two wheeler insurance that is enough to protect your vehicle and tires against any damage occurred due to a road accident.

Know the tire structure.

If you do not know how a tire is made, then maintenance has no meaning. Here are the four basics of tire anatomy.

1. Walk

The tread is the most obvious part of the tire. It is a patterned outer layer of rubber that meets the road surface. Different patterns are designed for different types of use. As a rule of thumb, smooth rides are designed for off-road riding and rough, chunkier ones are for off-roading.​

2. Carcass

Under the tread is the carcass layer. This forms the "flesh" of the tire. This part is made of steel or fiber cords that run from one side of the tire to the other. The fiber is placed in a band and located in one of two patterns - radial or bias ply​

3. Bead

The bead is the part where the tire attaches to the metal wheel. It is reinforced with steel cords so that the tire fits perfectly on the wheel. This prevents tubeless tires from slipping due to wheels turning and air leaks.​

4. Sidewall

The pavement is the portion that carries the full weight of the motorcycle, including the weight of you and your bill. You will also find codes inscribed on the sides. They have a lot of information about tire making known as tire designation. They are two types of coding systems - metric and alphanumeric. If you keep riding your bike with a faulty tire, you are not only putting your life at risk but also endangering others on the road. Here's a list for you to check to keep your bike's tires fully functional.

Get a Bike Insurance:

Maintaining bike tires is a precautionary measure; it's relevantly important to buy bike insurance​ to secure your finances. Bike insurance is also mandatory by law. But simply buying it is not enough. To keep the cover active, you must renew the bike insurance before the expiry date of the policy.​

Nowadays, you can buy and renew bike insurance within minutes thanks to the online world. Do not for​get to compare plans before buying two wheeler insurance. It does not take much time and effort. Remember the option of two wheeler insurance online from a certified insurer, to take care of your motorcycle and its tyre to extent its life. ​