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Tips To Stay Safe In Monsoon Season During COVID-19 Pandemic

We all thought at the beginning of 2020 that it will be the decade in which technology will advance, or we will set foot on planet Mars or robots will be a household name. But what happened? Just a few months in and we all are stuck inside our home due to the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. Winters and summers of 2020 have passed, and we are now talking about the monsoon season of this year. On 1st June, the government of India announced unlock 1. Many things will be opened soon, and it is estimated that in the mid of July, lockdown in India will be fully lifted. However, cases in India are peaking and currently, we are the 6th country in the world in terms of an infected person. And scientists have predicted that our country might see the second layer of COVID-19. So, today we are going to give you some tips that can help you cop-up with coronavirus pandemic in monsoon season. Also, we are going to tell you why you need to buy coronavirus health insurance​ during this pandemic: 

Maintain Social Distancing

If you are in essential service or going out of your home for some household errands, make sure you maintain distance from people. Greet people with a head node and smile only. Even if you are going out for dining in monsoon, make sure you sit away from other people.

Take Your Vehicle for Mandatory Monsoon Servicing

One of the most awful things about monsoon is that during this season you will face slippery roads. And these wet roads are the reason for several accidents. That’s why it is advisable to take your vehicle for ‘monsoon servicing’ so that your vehicle can tackle wet roads. So, get your vehicle checked before you go out in the monsoon. 

Buy Health Insurance

As mentioned above, the number of road accidents increases every rainy season due to slippery roads. That’s why it is important to buy health insurance online in monsoon. As health insurance will provide financial support during the unfortunate event.

Wash Or Sanitize Your Hand

This is something that you would hear millions of times during this coronavirus pandemic. According to guidelines issued by the WHO or World Health Organisation, you need to wash your hand with soap for 20 seconds at least. You can also use an alcohol-based sanitizer. 

Wear Face Mask

Many countries, in the beginning, believed that only infected persons and people who work in essential services should wear face masks. But now many countries have made wearing a face mask in public mandatory. And wearing a face mask during monsoon is much important as it is proven that coronavirus can travel through humid, and humidity is high in the rainy season. So, make sure you wear a face mask. 

Coronavirus Health Insurance Is Helpful

No one can predict future. That’s why it is advisable to buy coronavirus health insurance from Reliance General Insurance. We provide coverage of Rs 50,000/- and covers 15 days quarantine period and days of job loss due to the disease. You need to pay a premium of Rs 1,947/- for the coverage of Rs 50,000/-.

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