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Tips to Make your Motorcycle Smart and Eco-Friendly

Motorcycle riding is a passion and a special kind of lifestyle. If you want to enjoy this lifestyle responsibly, not only should you get a good motorcycle, you must ensure that it is well maintained and duly serviced as well as that you keep all the documentatio​​n related to the bike up to date. This includes proper maintenance of vehicle insurance and pollution under control certificate. With proper maintenance, you will be able to enjoy riding the motorcycle with minimal problems and maximum comfort. Here are a few tips to make your motorcycle smart and eco-friendly.

Tip 1. Ensure that your motorcycle is serviced as per schedule:

When you buy a motorcycle, the manufacturer presents you with a service schedule. Make sure that you follow your service schedule religiously. Your motorcycle is a marvel of modern automobile engineering but it requires careful and timely maintenance including changing its various oils and fluids as well as cleaning and changing the many filters. If your bike is not serviced as per timely schedule, it will start causing pollution and its performance and fuel economy will suffer.

Tip 2. Always keep your motorcycle documentation updated:

When you buy your motorcycle, you will be presented with a number of documents. These include the bike registration certificate, bike insurance certificate and bike warranty certificate. Along with your driving license, you are required to carry these documents with you all the time. The good thing is that you do not need to carry these documents with you physically any more. The government has launched apps including mParivahan and Digilocker where you can download government authorised copies of these documents and show them when prompted by any traffic police officer.

Tip 3. Get some smart accessories for your motorcycle:

When you buy your motorcycle, you are also​ presented with the option to equip it with some great accessories. These accessories include smart handle bars, mobile phone stand & GPS mount, and bluetooth lock. Many bike manufacturers also offer smart GPS devices for two wheelers which will allow you mobile internet based maps access as well as allow you to do many bike related online activities like you can buy two wheeler insurance online or even trace and remotely disable if your bike gets stolen.

Tip 4. Always install the bike manufacturer app on your phone:

Many bike manufacturers also offer smart phone apps with their bikes. These are special apps which provide you information about the bike’s performance as well as reminders about many aspects of bike ownership. This app will let you know when you need to renew your PUC certificate as well as your bike insurance. The app will also remind you when your bike is due for service. It will also let you know where is the nearest service station and will even allow you to book an appointment to get your vehicle serviced. Many apps will also let you know if specific consumables or spare parts are available at a service centre near you and their prices.