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Tips To Maintain Your Car During The Lockdown

​You are washing your hand frequently, maintaining social distancing, wearing a face mask and following rules of lockdown, to reduce the spread of the global pandemic coronavirus. But have you ever thought about your beloved car? Due to the lockdown, most of us have not driven our car anywhere. Have you ever wondered what is happening to your still car? Will it be in roadworthy condition, once lockdown is over?  

You should ask all these questions to yourself because taking good care of your car will enhance its performance. So, it’s time to look after your car’s health. You should insure your car, as it will provide financial support in case of damage. Other than motor insurance​, the guide mentioned below will surely help you to take care of your car during a lockdown: 

Take Care Of Your Car’s Battery 

Make sure you start your car and let the engine running for a few minutes as this will ensure that your car’s battery runs effectively. You don’t have to do it every day. You can keep the engine running with headlights on for at least 15 minutes, once every two weeks. A warm engine also prevents dry gaskets and spoiling fluids. If you start the engine of your car at an idle rpm for a few minutes, this will allow the engine oil to spread and provide efficient lubrication.

Release The Handbrake

Don’t keep handbrake on for too long during storage, as it can seize, bind, or lead to other brake-related issues. You should apply the foot brake and leave the handbrake off, you then put the car on first gear and use a piece of brick or wood to keep the tyres from rolling.

Keep It Clean, Inside And Out

You should wash your car once in two weeks, so that stain from bird poops don’t damage the exterior of your beloved car. You should also frequently clean the interior of the car to keep dust and junk out. You should use antibacterial wipes or disinfectant to clean the car’s contact points such as steering wheel, door handles, seatbelt, keys, etc. 
You should also start the car’s AC and let it work for a minute while the engine is running.

Bonus Tips

  • You should keep your car in a shade away from sunlight, or you can use a car cover.
  • Block all air intakes, exhaust ports, and other holes that animals can use to make their home. 
  • Ensure Your car is parked in bird poop, moss, diet free zone. 
  • To avoid evaporation in petrol and gumming in diesel, you can use fuel stabilizer 

  • Do Insure Your Car With An Insurance!

    One of the most things that you should do is buy car insurance online from reputable insurers such as Reliance General Insurance. It provides coverage that will give financial support in the time of need. car insurance also provides coverage against damage caused to your vehicle due to theft, fire, riots, natural calamities, and much more. 
    So, take your car for a ride, but don’t go too far.