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Tips to Maintain a Healthy Liver

The Liver is one of the most important organs of the human body, while all parts of the body are equally important, there are some organs which you only have one of, like, the heart, stomach, etc and you need to be extra careful with these organs.

Here is a set of tips for y​ou to take care of your liver.

  • ​​First of all, you always need to ensure that your weight remains in the healthy range. Ask any health expert and they will tell you about the importance of maintaining a good body mass index. Proper body mass index is a factor calculated based upon your age, height and weight.​
  • Second factor for healthy liver is to ensure responsible consumption of alcoholic products. Alcohol has a number of health risks but it is one of the largest underlying factors in liver related diseases. Many health insurance companies provide alcohol quitting support to people who are at risk of alcohol induced diseases of any kind.
  • Third factor for ensuring the best liver health condition is regular exercise. With increase in modern day comforts, many people are now leading a sedentary lifestyle. Your body is not made for such a lifestyle but for an active lifestyle. Always ensure that you do around fifteen to thirty minutes of exercise every day.
  • Fourth factor is to stay away from any kind of narcotic drugs. Liver is the processing plant of human body where everything people consume is broken down in its basic form. If you consume regular food items, it works for the improvement of human body. If you consume narcotic drugs, it creates a lot of harmful chemicals for in the liver. This is one reason that when you buy health insurance, the company always asks about any history of drug abuse of any kind.
  • Fifth factor about ensuring best health of your liver is avoid any kind of toxins. Almost every kind of toxin damages your liver. The toxins can be of any kind, they may be insecticides, chemicals, CFCs and HFCs of many kinds. If you have to handle any chemical of toxic nature, it is best to use mask and proper personal protection equipment kit.
  • Sixth factor to ensure that your liver remains healthy is to ensure that you do not share personal hygiene products with anyone. Razors used for shaving, tooth brushes, and even nail clippers have access to microscopic droplets of human blood which may lead to infections being spread from one person to another.
  • Seventh factor for bet liver health is also recommended by many health insurance companies to their customers. They advise that all clients use their medication as per doctors’ instructions. Abuse of medicines, including over dosage, is a huge risk factor for the health of the liver.

​All said and done, ensuring the good health of your liver is a very simple task and involves some of the basic health and hygiene principles which doctors would advise to any person experiencing any other kind of health issue. ​