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Tips to Help You Parallel Park Easily

​Parking a car parallel could be a challenging task for even the most experienced drivers sometimes. If you feel the pressure while parallel parking they don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of the drivers worry when they have to park in a squeezing space between the two cars. It is generally considered as a challenge for most of the driver and in busy towns where you have to park your car outside, it is a skill which can’t get hold of easily. 

What is needed is a bit of practice to master this skill in no time. Everyone cares for their car and thus protecting it from scratches is necessary. People tend to invest a lot on motor insurance​ thus the skill to protect it from minor scratches must be learned too. Here the basic steps on how you could parallel park your car.​

1. ​Find the Right Spot

Don’t try to park your car in the first spot you see. It is necessary to understand how much space your car needs and thus looking for the perfect space is important. Don’t try to park under the pressure of time. You should start initially with wider spaces and eventually lead to tighter spaces. MSMOG, this acronym could be remembered for easy parking. This means mirror, signal, mirror again, look over the shoulder and go when it’s safe. 
While parking one must be wary of open gutters or big rocks in the way. Also look for the broads before parking there could be a good reason that the why you found that particular spot empties while everything else around was packed, maybe it could be a no parking zone.

2. ​Reverse your car

Before the car is moved to get into a proper position for parallel parking. This means that you have to over the side mirrors, signals, back mirror and make sure that your car is being parked in the right way. The key is to reverse the car slowly till the middle of the car lines up with the bumper of the other car. Also, it should be made sure that while parking there is at least one arm distance between both the cars.

3. ​Towards the curb

When you feel that now the way we clear cut the steering wheel sharply and reverse in at a 45-degree angle. When the passenger’s side-view mirror is in line with your rear bumper that is the cue to turn in your car.

4. ​Straighten and Align

Always straighten and align your car. The distance should be optimal for other cars to open their door at the appropriate distance between 12-18 inches 
The modern vehicles do come with reverse sensors which make this job easy. The alarm will beep swiftly when the rear end is about to touch the other car or the wall behind. Still all the dynamic of parking must be understood and mastered to drive your car perfectly. Caring for your car is important and thus you also need to buy car insurance ​to be on the safe side.