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Tips for Solo Trip to Ireland

​Ireland is one of the famous destinations for solo travel and travelling to this country has been growing. Ireland has a very rich culture and the people in the country are proud of their culture. The people are welcoming towards outsiders and it forms a closely knitted global Irish community. 

Head to a pub at the night and having a good time has been the Irish way. If you are travelling alone it is important to know a few things for a safe as well as happy travel. The community welcomes new faces and this could turn out to be a dream destination for solo travel. Before travelling get travel insurance which makes sure that you have a safe solo trip. 

Things to keep in mind before you go

Packing for Ireland

Number 1 thing to pack will be an Irish Raincoat. It does not matter what the season is, Ireland is known for heavy rains even in summers and thus this is the best thing to do. Carry good footwear and a good pair of walking shoes along with strong rucksack.

Solo Accommodation and Dining

Hotels in Ireland generally offer double room set and you may manage a single bed breakfast. However, the cheapest option will be getting into hostels. 

Safety and Emergencies

Ireland has a very low crime rate but the standard precautions are to be taken. Tourists obviously can attract attention and thus one must be wary. Irish police are known as the guards and will be visible throughout the cities. The emergency number is 999 and the legal drinking age is 18. ​

Women Travellers

Women can easily travel alone and you can plan a safe place to stay in. Let someone know on a prior basis where you are going and when are you intending to come back. Avoid drinking in excess and keep an important number and names written down with you at all times. 

Suggested Experience


Pub Experience

The traditional Irish pubs are the heart of the Irish culture and if you want to meet exciting people and have a good time in Ireland it is important to visit one of these clubs. You can go to any bar and it won't be a long time when people start introducing themselves. Also, popular culture is buying the round where each group member buys a round for everyone in the group. 

Walking in Ireland​

Walking tours are the best in Ireland. There is so much to explore so much to know about the culture which can keep you hooked during walking. You can also consult adventure agency for secure travel and they can recommend you some good walking points. 

Join the Parade​

You may get surprised with the number of celebration and Parades in Ireland and almost all of them are fun to participate in. You must try to get into one of these group and enjoy the walk-in masses which is filled with fun.

If you are planning solo travel, buy travel insurance online beforehand which will make sure that you have a secure and safe trip.​