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Tips for Dealing With Anger Management Issues

​Getting angry once in a while is alright! Anger is a normal and healthy emotion, until and unless it is dealt with positively. However, if you get out of the way when you are angry and start doing things that you are not supposed to do, then it's a problem.

Overreacting to anger does not help anyone. If you cannot control your anger, then it will take a toll on both your health and relationship. While you think swearing, yelling, lashing out on pillow or throwing things away can help you release tension, it doesn't. It's nothing more than unhealthy behaviour patterns that actually shoot up the pressure. Being said that, it is not even healthy to hold on to your anger while it eats you away. You need a plan to get your anger under control. Have a look at these anger management tips to stay healthy and control your anger from escalating.

Think before you speak

When you are angry and pissed, it is easy to talk about something that you will regret later. Therefore, consider thinking before you speak when you are mad, relax, collect your thoughts, process, and then talk. Ask others to do the same.

Express your anger, once you are calm

When you are angry, you don't think clearly, and expressing frustration at that time can be critical. Concentrate on expressing your anger in an assertive and a non-argumentative way. Tell the other person about all your concerns and needs clearly, without shouting, hurting, or trying to control others.

Get some exercise

Reduce your stress by indulging in some activity. If you think your anger is getting out of control, go for a walk, dance, or meditate.

Take a timeout

Timeouts! Yes, it is not what only kids are supposed to take. If you're really frustrated, give yourself a short break and stay quiet as it might help you feel better. You will be able to listen to the other person if you are not agitated yourself.

Stick with 'I' statements

Putting blame or criticizing the person when you are fighting will only increase the tension. Try using “I" statements to describe the problem you are facing. Rather than saying “You are immature" say “I'm upset that you don't take much responsibility. Be respectful while stating the problems.

Don't hold a grudge

Holding a grudge won't solve the fight; instead, it will create a negative vibe around you guys. Remember, forgiveness is bliss! Don't let anger and other negative feelings swallow you up by your own bitterness. Forgive who angered you, you both might learn from the mistake and strengthen your relationship.

Use humour to release tension

Diffuse tension by lightening up the mood. Use humour to help you face what's making you angry. Pro tip- Avoid using sarcasm as it will hurt the feelings of the person and make things worse.

Practice relaxation techniques

Put relaxation techniques to work when your head gets all fired up. Practice deep-breathing exercises or repeat a calming phrase, such as "Take it easy." You can also write in a journal, listen to music, or practice yoga poses to encourage relaxation.

Know when to seek help

Anger management is quite challenging at times. Seek advice for anger concerns if your anger gets out of control, and pushes you to do things you will regret in the future.

Anger causes severe health problems like hypertension and stroke. If you are a person who quickly gets angry on small topics that can be easily skipped, then you are exposing yourself to a range of health issues. Apart from taking anger management classes, you should also consider buying a health insurance policy. You can easily buy health insurance online. No paperwork, fast issuance!​