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Things to Do in Case Car Catches Fire

A car is one of the most prized possessions that any person can buy. After the home, a car is the second most expensive item a person buys in their life. It is therefore extremely necessary for everyone to take good care of their cars. However the very nature and purpose of the car is such that it is always exposed to risk from accidental or fire damage.

Similarly most insurance companies also provides special discounts if you make provisions to keep your vehicle safe from fire and theft by installing government authorised fire extinguishers and anti theft alarms and devices. Check with your car insurance company for all special discounts at the time you buy the policy.

  • First things first, the moment you see that any kind of smoke is coming out of the car from any side, you should turn off the engine and remove the keys. Killing the ignition will cut off any fuel circulating in the drive mechanism of the car and lower the risk of the fire spreading.
  • Second thing is to evacuate the car. Get out of the car yourself and let everyone else out of the car as well. Make sure that everyone else is out of the car. Quickly assist the children and the elderly to get out of the car and make sure that everyone stays away from the car, at least a 100 feet. Remember to pop the hood before you leave the car.
  • Third thing is to notify the car service centre immediately and also call up the company with whom you have automobile insurance. If you have purchased car insurance​ online, you would also have received the insurance company contact details on SMS or email or both. Check your phone and notify both of them.
  • Fourth thing is to notify the traffic police and fire department. In most cases if you notify the traffic police, they will themselves call up the fire brigade but the best approach is to call up the fire department yourself.
  • Fifth thing is to wait around till the people from car insurance company reach the spot and inspect the damage. Generally the insurance provider will send a person to evaluate the damage in two to three hours but if they fail to send someone, call them up and clarify the situation before you leave the spot.
  • Whenever a car or any automobile catches fire, the first and most important priority of every person should be to ensure the safety of all the occupants of the vehicle as well as those people around it. When the law enforcement officers and fire tender operators give you any instructions, follow them properly and diligently. If you see naked flames, do not try to extinguish fire yourself. Even if you were able to douse the flames, do not go near the car unless instructed. Remember that safety is the first priority in car or automobile fires.​