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Safety Rules You Should Remember While Riding Bike With Kids Onboard

​Riding a motorcycle in India is not a cakewalk. Bumpy roads, water-filled pits, traffic congestion and unpredictable behavior of the fellow passengers on the road, make riding a two-wheeler a strenuous and unsafe task. Though you may be able to handle these threats quite easily, it may not be a plain sailing task when riding with kids.

Just letting the kids wear helmets is not enough. They often fall asleep during the ride, get easily distracted by the balloon vendors and others, and are generally not alert while you accelerate the speed or apply the brakes. In such instances, the chances of accidents are very high. If you have already insured your bike with a two wheeler insurance policy​, the monetary losses will be covered. But what about the kids' safety and life?

You cannot afford to be negligent even for a single moment. So, what to do?

Here, are some important safety tips that you must follow while riding a bike with your kids.

1. Get Prepared

First of all, you need to be prepared and prepare your kid for the ride as well. Make sure the feet of your kid reaches the passenger peg and that he/she is not leaning downwards to be able to touch the peg. A helmet is an essential gear for safety. But, if the size is too large for your kid, you need to replace that. While purchasing the right size helmet, check if it has a chin bar for a perfect fit.

2. Position The Kid Properly

Your kid is more likely to get hurt when sitting at the front. Hence, it is ideal to let the kid sit behind you. For better safety assurance, you can also hold the kid to you through a belt. As far as possible, try to avoid riding with kids who are unable to touch the passenger peg.

3. Pay Attention To Proper Clothing

While riding with kids, you should ensure that they have the right clothes to wear. A leather or denim jacket with zippers and zipped cuffs, a pair of denim jeans and high-ankle boots are perfect protection clothing for your child. You can also look for leather gloves as they protect their soft hands from scratches. Make sure the gloves fit the kids' hands perfectly.

4. Teach Basic Safety Skills

Before every ride, you should remind your kid some points that will ensure his safety on the road. You'll have to be very patient while you are doing this, as kids generally forget such things very easily. Ask them to be alert when you take turns or apply brakes. Also, tell them to hold you around your waist, even if they are secured with a belt.

Applying for two wheeler insurance online is the first step towards assuring safety. However, being a parent or a guardian, you need to be more cautious. Bike riding with kids is perfectly fine; all you need to ensure is their safety. So, do keep these important points in mind.​