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Precautions to Take to Prevent Your Bike From Theft

You are lucky if no one has ever stolen your bike before. But let's say this unfortunate event happens and your bike gets stolen. What will you do? One thing that you can do is buy bike insurance​ for your bike. According to the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019, all bike owners should have third-party insurance coverage for their bikes. This third-party bike insurance will cover your two-wheeler financially against injury or property damage caused due to an accident. 

Two-wheeler theft is common these days. All kinds of motorcycles, from an aesthetic looking bike to race bikes to boring little beaters, everything can get snatched these days. Urban areas are more likely to be dangerous for motorcycles, but farm sheds are no good. Whether you realize it or not, everyone is susceptible to theft. So, you will ask, what to do then?

Well, we have tried to answer your question with the below-mentioned ways to prevent bike thefts: ​

1. Lock Your Steering Lock

You might say that steering locks are easily defeated, but it is one of the first steps towards securing your bike. If your bike's ignition and steering locks are separate, it works as a cherry on the cake for you as the thief now need to get through two locks in order to steal your two-wheeler.

2. Use More Than One Lock

In addition to your bike's in-built lock, you can use an extra one or two locks to enhance your bike's safety. Several thieves are often trained and can easily break through the inbuilt locks of bikes. However, an external lock will make things harder for thieves as they won't be prepared.

3. Anchor Your Bike to Something Heavy

You should always remember, even after locking your beloved bike with multiple locks, it can still get taken away in a truck. To increase the security of your bike, it is advisable to add a cable to it and anchor it to something heavy. This will surely protect your bike from getting towed away. 

4. Buy High-Quality Locks and Chains

Make sure you lose your pocket while buying security tools for your two-wheeler. Do not compromise for anything less than the best. It is always recommended to go for the lock which is made up of hardened steel and of size 5/8 inch or greater. A lock that rings an alarm is preferable as when someone attempts to break open, it scares the thieves away.

5. Park Your Vehicle in A Well-Guarded Location

Always park your vehicle in a crowded parking area that​ is well guarded by professionals. If your parking spot has a CCTV camera, that's just icing on the cake. Also, it is advisable to change your parking as professional thieves keep an eye on bikes that are parked in the same venue every day. So, if possible, park at different locations to avoid unwanted attention.

6. Buy Two-wheeler insurance As It Safeguards You Against Thefts

No precaution guarantees as much security of your vehicle, as comprehensive two-wheeler insurance does. You can buy two-wheeler insurance online as it protects you against vehicle theft by compensating you based on the IDV of your bike.​