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Post-Lockdown Life: 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid

​We have been in our homes for more than eight months now. The impact due to COVID-19 is nowhere decreasing but life is slowly coming to regular. With proper precautionary steps, there has been a relaxation in lockdown measures. It does not mean that the pandemic is over; we all must take the necessary action for protection from the virus. Buying a health insurance policy is one of these necessary actions to keep you financially secure in these situations. 

Here Are Mistakes You Should Avoid After Lockdown -

Not wearing a mask: 

While things maybe are getting sound, but the pandemic is still here. Even while working from home, you will have to go out to run errands. With relaxation, a lot of us may take things lightly. Not wearing a mask or forgetting to wash your hand can be a fatal mistake. You should never touch your face and always follow all the social distancing norms while stepping outside. 

Not taking social distancing seriously: 

Public places are still to be avoided. You can be young and have a strong belief in your immune system. You should practice social distancing not only for yourself but for others too who might be at a higher risk. Stay at least six feet away from any person whether they show the symptoms or not. 

Ignore financial planning and health insurance: 

We all must have learnt in this pandemic that unnecessary medical expense can come to our family at any time. Thus saving and having a financial plan for your future is essential. You can even get health insurance on EMI. Having a policy will make sure that you are protected at all times against any medical emergency that may arise. A comprehensive policy along with corona kavach ​​will take care of all the medical expenses of the family. 

Unnecessary Travel: 

This is not the right time to travel. Although a lot of us are a travel enthusiast and many also have to travel to work. While travelling for work is something which can't be avoided. For those who want to travel for fun can take a break and wait for a few more months to unleash the traveller hidden inside them.

Shopping Spree: 

Just like travel many of us are a shopaholic. While getting a few things for yourself is a necessity, it is advisable not to go outside for window shopping. You must avoid going to crowded places at all cost. Malls are filled with people and not a safe place to spend time.

Eating Out: 

While some of your favourite restaurants are back in business, you should wait for a few more months before grabbing a bite there. While all eateries are promising all kind of safety precautions you must rethink as consuming food may not be safe.

Not taking care of your health: 

Health is our top priority. We must follow an active and healthy lifestyle. Keeping the immune system healthy is our priority. Also, one must pay attention to their emotional health as well. Speak to your loved ones and make sure they never feel lonely​.