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Oral Chemotherapy: Meaning, Benefits & Things To Know

Medical science has advanced a lot in the last decade. With modern treatments, doctors have now found out the procedure for life-threatening diseases like cancer. You all must have heard recently about oral chemotherapy. It seems like magic and brings new hopes for patients suffering from cancer. Infusion therapy was the traditional way to kill cancerous cells. A lot depends on the stage of the caner with infusion therapy. These therapies also led to a lot of adverse effects such as hair loss, low white blood cell count, nausea, etc. It affected both the cancerous as well as non-cancerous cells. The new therapy was developed to have an impact only on the cancerous cell. 

Cancer is becoming a more common disease. We all need to buy critical illness cover at an earlier phase of our life for affordable premiums. The treatment of any critical illness is well beyond the reach of even upper-middle-class people. Having insurance will mean that you will be financially covered in hard times. Let's get into the details of this therapy. 

What is Oral Chemotherapy?

It is the form of treatment in which patients are given drugs, pills, or liquids orally. It allows the patient to get treatment at home instead of getting admitted to the hospital. The treatment must be under strict doctor regulation, regular check-ups. 

Benefits of Oral Chemo Therapy

The treatment of cancer often takes a long duration. Staying in the hospital is always not the best option for the person. It is tiring to stay in the hospital emotionally. Also, it leads to financial drainage. Below mentioned are the benefits of therapy making it a better option and more accessible to all people:

  • ​It allows the patient to get treatment in the comfort of their homes.
  • The hospitalization cost and the overall financial drainage due to the treatment will not affect the person a lot
  • It leads to an improved quality of life and all the discomfort due to the heavy treatments is decreased
  • The treatment is cheaper than traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • Things you need to know before starting oral chemotherapy

    You'll consult your doctor before starting the therapy. There are few things and few concerns which you must discuss before beginning with the treatment. Some question which you may ask are
  • The use of each drug and what each of them is expected to do to your body?
  • Is there any side effect of any of these drugs and things you should avoid while having this drug?
  • Do the pills need to be broken or crushed or should they be taken directly with the meal?
  • What should be done if a dose is missed?
  • How long will the treatment be for?
  • How will I know that the treatment is working and is right for my body?

  • Chemotherapy treatment takes place at your home and is a longer treatment in comparison to other treatments. It can be a financial burden in the long run. Having health insurance will keep you financially covered at all times.