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No Sugar Diet – Health Benefits

We all have had our sweet temptation, resisting which is hard. While many of us are regular consumers of sweet, there are a few who are great fans. It is essential to know that we as Indian already consume more than the recommended level of sugar per day as a healthy person, thus a person whom we consider is consuming more sugar than us, have a very high intake. Taking the first step towards the sugar-free diet may open your doors towards a healthier life. Many diseases have direct links to sugar, many of them are diseases that stay you with for lifetime if once affected. Diabetes is the leading disease which we all know happens due to high intake of sugar, others being, obesity, heart ailments, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Having health insurance is one of the most important things these days. Invest in one of them for being competed secure any health risks. Refined sugars are known to have high calories with zero nutritional value, while natural sugar sources at the same time are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals.

Health Benefits of No Sugar Diet

Following a no sugar diet not only decreases a lot of health risks but puts you into a better state where you feel healthier. Some of these benefits are mentioned below. 

When we consume excess sugar, the insulin level of the body rises to maintain the sugar level. It results in a sudden lowering of energy levels or sugar crash known as Hypoglycaemia. Skip the sugar and you will notice an increase in your energy levels from day to day activities. 

Eating refined sugar can lead to insulin resistance and cause the storage of fat. A natural sugar found through fruits and vegetables will ensure that you get fibre rich sugar which is an ideal way to curb the belly fat. 

Cutting down excess sugar lowers the inflammation is linked to headaches, chronic pain, food allergy and even severe diseases like Alzheimer. 

Not only does excess sugar diminishes energy but can also impact mental health, causing stress, mood swings and anxiety. Staying away from sugar will be beneficial for mental health. 

With sugar being a crucial part of our daily life, it is now hard to cut the intake of sugar from our life in a sudden way. Here are useful tips which can make things easy for you

  • Take Gradual Steps: You may not be able to change your habits suddenly. Taking small steps one at a time might help balance all the needs fully. Start by avoiding a few things and after a few weeks, you can curb the complete intake. 
  • Avoid processed foods: Stay away from the carbonated drinks as artificial sweeteners which can cause more harm to your body than giving any benefits. 
  • Natural Substitutes: Enrich your diet with healthy substitutes of the sugar. Honey, jaggery, resins are some natural replacements.​

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