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Myths About Car Busted

​People believe in myths because they have been listening to them for a very long time. It usually does not cross anyone's mind to use all the information available to find out if a myth is true. Bulls get excited by the color red, we humans use only 10% of our brain, or that a coconut never falls on a car parked. In this article, we will focus on car myths that you should stop believing because they are not true!

Don't let the mechanics trick you! These common car myths can ruin your ride. A myth is an idea that is not true in the real sense.

Myth Busted!

  1. ​If a car uses green coolant then it can be topped with any other green coolant. Color is not a good indicator of coolant properties, as coolants are made of different chemicals. If an adverse chemical reaction can occur with another brand that blocks the cooling system.

  2. The brake fluid would be fine in a three-year-old car that has discussed only 20,000 km. The brake fluid attracts moisture over time, reducing its boiling point and reducing its efficiency. It is generally recommended to replace your brake fluid every two years.

Buying a new car is an investment. Buying an old one is a liability: 

A car is an asset that depreciates. This means that the monetary value of the car decreases over time. Buying a car, whether old or new, is not an investment. The resale value of any car will always be less than what you paid at the time of purchase.

You get dense fuel value for money:

This myth is based on the principle of expansion and contraction of fluids due to changes in temperature. It would be true that you get less fuel during the day when the temperature is higher if the fuel storage tanks were not underground. One of the reasons for underground storage a tank is a fuel must withstand minimal expansion or contraction due to temperature. The stored fuel is protected from such changes and can only be affected to a negligible level. You can refuel your car at any time of the day without worrying about its density.

I must replace all my tires at the same time

Sure this argument may make sense, but it is not needed. Just because a tire does not need to be replaced, it means that you need more than money to replace all four. It’s advisable to buy car insurance online so that you can get a particular amount for your tires busted during any motor accident. 

Car Insurance Myths:

Here are some car insurance myths you should not believe: 

1. The price of a car insurance policy will be based on the color of your car.
2. Buying a basic cover is sufficient for small cars.
3. I do not need to buy a personal accident cover because I have health insurance.
4. Buying car insurance is a time-consuming task.

All these myths are as bizarre as blind bats; dogs' mouths are cleaner than ours. If you believed them earlier, now you know better.