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Must Read Facts Before Modifying Your Bike

​​​Every bike enthusiast, irrespective of their age and gender want their bike to perform high and look appealing. They are ready to pay a considerable amount of money in modifications that can enhance the performance and the visual appeal of their bike. However, somewhere they forget to investigate about the impact these modifications can have regarding the two wheeler insurance value.

Are you planning to modify your two-wheeler? If yes, then make an informed decision by searching about the impacts these motorcycle modifications can have on your bike's value. Also, ensure to discuss and notify the same with your insurer and then proceed with the best decision that favours you financially. Here are a few points you should know before modifying your two-wheeler-

Security Modifications

Security modifications are the best kind of changes you can give to your bike. They reduce the chances of your bike getting stolen or damaged. In case your bike has an anti-theft system installed, it'll automatically fall under the low-risk spectrum regarding two wheeler insurance. Bikes with no precautionary tools installed are generally on higher risk as they can be easily stolen or damaged.

Also, insurers offer premium discounts when you opt for installing pro-security devices while purchasing the insurance for your bike. Also, it is always better to inform your insurer and get their approval on modifications as it will help you get lower premiums and better deal.

Aesthetic Modifications:

Want to enhance the visual appeal of your bike and give it a distinct look? The answer is aesthetic modification! There is so much you can do to make your bike look better than others. You can change the colour of your bike, modify the headlights, change the seat cover, etc.

However, with these enhancements comes enhanced risk of your bike getting stolen or vandalized. Therefore, directly impacting the policy premium on your online bike insurance​. The advancements in your bike, however, increases its value in the market, which can cause a spike in your insurance premium amount as well.

Performance Modification:

Lastly, the modification that makes your bike stronger, better, and more potent than ever before- 'performance modifications.' They enhance the performance of your bike regarding handling and speed. When it comes to insuring your 'superbike,' insurers increase the premium amount or scrap the policy altogether to cut their risk after cautiously evaluating all the factors involved. This is because insurers consider that a change in the bike's speed and handling will increase the odds of accidents, thereby enhancing the chances of claims.

There are so many aspects that affect the premium amount you pay once you go ahead with a modification. Hence, it is imperative for you to inform your insurer about these modifications well in advance. They will finally assess the condition and propose an adjustment in the premium amount. Also, there is no definite rule set on the percent increase or decrease of the bike insurance premium. You can settle on the amount the insurers suggest and find common ground in their claims, which will be beneficial for both the parties. ​