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Making The Best Use Of Your Two Wheeler

​We Indians love two-wheelers like bikes and scooters. This is the reason why India is the topmost consumer of two-wheelers in the world. There are several reasons why we love two-wheelers. Firstly, it is cheap when compared to cars, which makes it a great option for the Indian middle class. Secondly, it is small in size, so in traffic, one can move their way out of the traffic with two-wheelers. However, if you are not taking full advantage of your bike, then is it really worth it? Well, today we are going to talk about how you can make the best use of your beloved two-wheelers. But before that, you should know that you need to protect your bike and what else is the best way than buying bike insurance online. Two-wheeler insurance will take care of the expenses that may arise due to the damage caused to you or your vehicle in case of an accident, fire, theft, natural calamities, etc. Let's begin:

Take your bike for service regularly

If you want your bike to be with you for a longer period of time, you need to take it for service regularly. The mechanic will check things like the level of your engine oil, your tire pressure, condition of the chain, your brakes, and much more. These services will also help in detecting any problems with your two-wheelers. So, early detection can reduce the risk of damage. You can take your bike for service every 3 or 4 months. If you will miss the appointment, the performance of your bike will decrease, which in turn will shorten its life.

Park at The Right Spot

Indian cities mostly consist of hot and humid weather. If you park your bike in an area where your beloved vehicle comes in direct contact with the sun, then it can cause several damages. Firstly, you could lose fuel due to evaporation. Secondly, your bike's paint also gets damages when exposed to direct sunlight. You should park your vehicle in a shady area, away from direct sunlight as it will help you save fuel and will keep your bike looking good.

Modify Within Reason

We all love experimenting with our vehicles. But you should only opt for those changes that can't hinder your bike's performance. If you will put large tires, it will surely increase the drag and decreases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Also, adding heavy accessories such as very large crash guards or enveloping guards can decrease fuel efficiency.

Keep It Clean

You must wash your bike from outside from time to time. But have you ever thought about what goes inside your vehicle? An adulterated fuel will not only hinder your bike's performance, but it will also pollute the environment. This is the reason why you should fill fuel from a trusted petrol pump. Filling the fuel from an unknown place can bring down your two-wheeler's efficiency.

Cruise Control

It is said that if you want to use fuel to its full potential then you should ride your bike at an average speed of 40 to 55 kilometres per hour. Also, you should not abruptly accelerate or a brake.