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Leaving Sanitizer In The Car Is Risky For You

​Leaving Sanitizer in your car can be risky for you - Why?

Even though, it is really a good practice to keep hand sanitizer with you always to protect you against the spread of corona virus disease​, these days. However, you should avoid leaving sanitizer in your car as it may catch fire. According to the experts, it is completely unsafe to leave sanitizer in the car.

Basically, hand sanitizer poses a risk in a hot car and thus leaving it in your car may be dangerous sometimes. However, people need not to be panic about it. If you are concerned that your hand sanitizer is a permanent fixture in your car, you should know that it is probably ok to keep on doing this but with taking the right safety measures. There are a number of factors that you actually need to know about keeping hand sanitizer in your car. First of all, car owners need to know the basics of the hand sanitizing products.

There are different types of hand sanitizer easily available in the market today but the most common type which has been found to kill the virus that usually causes COVID-19 is made with at least 60% alcohol, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The main active ingredient in these types of sanitizers is alcohol but it is a mixture that calm downs it. Hence, it is OK to keep such type of hand sanitizer in your car.

Basically, hand sanitizer depends on the amount of ethanol content. In case, this content which is a form of alcohol evaporates out then it can easily drop the concentration to one which is ineffective. As now vehicles are getting really very hot in summers and sanitizer may reach a temperature of ideally 300 degrees or above easily to combust into flames, it is advisable to avoid keeping it inside the car.

Although, keeping your hand sanitizer in the car has possibility to render it ineffective but it is not essentially the case. However, the car would likely need to get actually hot to burn off the alcohol content present in your hand sanitizer.

Car Insurance Can Work As A Savior In This Situation

​Even a hand sanitizer can damage your car and there is no denying that it cannot happen. Though, you need to take precaution in this regard but you should also consider to buy motor insurance policy for your car. No doubt, insurance can help keep you calm and without worry in case any incident like this happens with your car. However, insurance policies are only valid for a limited period. You need to renew it before its expiry date.

Car owners should not skip their insurance renewal at any cost. There are a number of benefits associated with the car insurance renewal. If your insurance is about to get expire, it is important to renew it without any delay. In order to renew car insurance, one can apply online, nowadays. By availing the service of a well-recognized vehicle insurance company, you can easily renew the insurance of your car.​