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3 Steps Which Will Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

​COVID-19 virus has completely taken over us and has been spreading at a very fast pace. Although to stop the spread of this virus completely a vaccine is necessary but there are some simple hygienic steps which could be taken to stop the spread of this virus. Washing your hands regularly, maintaining social distancing at all times, and wearing a mask may help reduce the chance of spreading this virus at a large scale. Even if 50% of the population adapts this method there will be a visible amount of control on the spread of the virus.

The cases have been continuously on the rise and this has been one of the major worries for all the nations. This has forced governments to push people to take steps to stop the spread of this virus. While a vaccine could be a lot more effective some basic steps could also help reduce the stress and spread of this virus. It has been clearly said a lot of times that here are three basic steps which help reduce the spread of this virus.

These three basic steps are –

Step 1: Handwashing, 

Step 2: Social distancing 

Step 3: Wearing a mask all the time.

Stopping COVID-19

A study found that even without a proper vaccine if enough people took the preventive measures, the transmission rates would go down significantly. These measures need to be adopted by more than 50% of the population to fight the pandemic. If the population quickly becomes aware of these preventive measures a lot could be stopped at an earlier stage. 
The self-imposed preventive measures like regular handwashing, mask-wearing and social distancing have proven to be effective but when all of them are combined they become the best preventive measures against COVID-19. 

How to wash hands effectively?

Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds these days is very important especially when you head into the home from outside, or you sneeze, or after any activity that you feel could cause some germs or infections. If soap and water are not available somehow using an alcohol-based sanitizer with more than 60% of alcohol content and rubbing it properly on your hand until the hand goes dry is also important. Always wash your hands with soap and water first if they are visibly dirty. Hand sanitizer doesn’t work against dirt or visible dust. 

What is social distancing and why is it important?

The primary cause of COVID-19 virus is through droplets in the air that are produced by the infected person’s cough. Apart from this, the virus could also spread by touching an infected surface. Therefore, it is important to wash hands and follow social distancing norms which includes avoiding any kind of inferior surface. The mask also functions similarly by limiting the spread. 

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