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Leasing a Two Wheeler During this Pandemic

​There have been a lot of tie-ups whether it's between the car companies or the motorbike companies which are starting many things to provide their vehicle for lease. During the pandemic sales of any of the vehicles have gone down. Nobody is sure about the future and where we are heading with this people are trying to save as much money as is possible and thus are not investing in something as big buying a vehicle which is kind of a luxury for now. 

To solve this problem the vehicle companies launched a new program where many of them are providing their vehicles on lease basis for a longer period. The lease is available from 1 month to even 48 months. There will some down payment required and later the amount would be paid on the monthly bias. Now what has been given to rising is an electric scooter. Let's take a look at the few options

With getting a vehicle you should also think about having bike insurance online. Make sure that the owner has insured the vehicle. The online process is quite easy and will help you be secure and safe on the road and will keep out financially covered. ​

Ampere Electric Scooter

Ampere Electric scooter has announced its collaboration with OTO capital where OtO will be giving the scooter by Ampere on a lease basis. These are available in a cheap monthly plan and will solve a lot of problems for people who are stuck at a place and need a two-wheeler for some time. This could be sued to go to the office, all the people are not preferring public transport and government transport have not even started to their fullest. To solve this trouble this is a great initiative. The program is supposed to begin from Bangalore and will then be expanded to Pune Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Cochin. 

The documentation process is really quick and the company will make available the vehicle to the person within 48 hours. The scooter could be booked directly through the website by OTO or could also be taken from the dealership. Both options are available where the person can take the delivery or have the vehicle delivered at home. The lease program EMI for the vehicle on monthly basis will be as low as 1,110 Rs. With other vehicle options available the EMI go above to 3000 Rs. 

Ather Scooter

There has been a switch from petrol running vehicle to the electrical ones. This change is still coming and will be inevitable soon. To make the process smoother and to attract buyers these companies have been doing a lot to make the option available for people normally. Ather Energy is Bangalore based Electric scooter manufacturer and they have introduced the leasing program for their two models which is Ather 340 and Ather 450. 

Why rent now?

A lot of things are stuck for now and people who have been using public transport to commute are worried. Having a two-wheeler will allow you to commute easily and would be a cheaper option for your travel within the city for work. You need not invest in a vehicle as you do not intend to travel in a personal vehicle later on. It is a good alternative for a temporary commute option.​