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Learn Riding on a Used Bike When you are New

​Riding a bike is an excellent experience as it gives you the sense of freedom and belongingness. The process of buying a bike is exciting. You should do anything but rush into the buying process, especially if you are a new rider. There are several points that you should keep in mind before taking the final decision. Don't choose a bike based on its appearance. You should research on the model you are considering to ensure you are picking the right one for you.

When buying your first bike, it's imperative to have a test ride to understand whether it can become your riding partner. Bikes come in different shapes and sizes; hence it becomes important to choose the one that feels comfortable to you.

Another big mistake that most of the new riders make is choosing the bike with far more performance than they can handle. We know that you want to go all out and get a bike that is strong and powerful. But, since it's your first bike you should keep all the mentioned points in mind and get a motorcycle that suits your personality and needs at the same time. Also, you should get an old buy to start with as it will allow you to learn all the vital skills and meet riding experience and confidence. Once you feel more comfortable riding the old bike, you will be ready to upgrade and truly appreciate a stronger and faster bike.

Here are a few points on why you should choose a used bike being a new rider-

Discover your riding interests-

You may have a fair idea of your riding preferences, but it is still important to ride the bike before buying it. Make sure the bike you are getting compliment the type of riding you enjoy. If you are buying a motorcycle for everyday commute, you should stick to the commuter segment only. Don't get a cruiser or a touring bike. Even experienced riders make this mistake, so refrain from the same.

Buy the bike that suits your current skill level-

If you buy a bike that needs aggressive riding position, you can get a shoulder or back injury, which will cause you significant discomfort. So, it is advised to buy a bike that has an upright seating position, so that you can enjoy your rides without any injury. Also, with regular practice, your confidence and skills will improve significantly. Then you can easily upgrade to a better and a more stylish motorcycle.

Understand your bike is going to tip over-

Balancing yourself on a motorcycle is a task. In the process, you can fall down and get yourself and your bike scratched. It is more painful to see scratches on your bike than on your own body. Therefore, buying a used bike saves you from the emotional scar as the bike have already seen enough falls and scratches.

Spend less-

A used bike comes with several exciting offers. If you are one a budget constraint and still want a stylish bike in good condition, then go for a used bike. Also, you get a lot of choice in the market with several certified dealers making irresistible offers on several models.

If you want to make the right decision, research as much and get a wise deal. After making the purchase don't forget to get the two wheeler insurance policy transferred in your name. If the previous user doesn't have a valid insurance policy, it is your responsibility to check the history of the bike and get a valid bike insurance​ policy. Remember- insuring your bike is not an option, it's a compulsion.