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Importance Of Travel Insurance Post Coronavirus Pandemic

Not many people realise this but travel related insurance is easily one of the most ignored aspects of international travel and with the entire COVID-19 scenario running roughshod on international travel, it will become all the more important. This kind of insurance has always been very necessary to cover different kinds of travel related risks like missed connecting flights, lost baggage, injury or illness abroad, loss of travel documents, loss or damages caused because of weather related problems etc. With the evolving Corona Virus situation however, things will continue to remain exceptionally unpredictable for the foreseeable future, leading to any factors which will lead to increased need and importance of insurance for travel purposes.

Factor 1: The lingering risk of Corona Virus infection:

There will be a few long months, may be more than a year, before you can expect an effective vaccine for corona virus infection. News shows that while some medicines have shown promising preliminary results in treatment of Covid-19, a vaccine is always the best choice because it is a preventive measure and as the old adage goes, prevention is always better than a cure. International travel takes place in planes which are enclosed environments and people are too close for comfort in the planes. Did you know that even if you fly business class, you are still not far enough from other people in a plane for sensible social distancing to be possible? Imagine flying coach in such a scenario! This means that ​travel ​in​surance​ is going to be extremely necessary for everyone.

Factor 2: Airlines services will continue to be shaky

Airlines are trying very hard across the globe to keep their systems operational but the situation was at one time so bad that they were not even able to find enough parking spaces for all the grounded planes. The fact of the matter is that airlines always run at paper thin margins because of highly competitive industry and extremely volatile cost structure. Once they are going to get things in the air once more, there will be a lot of turbulence. Many systems were working by duct tape and hammer blows and getting back these systems to operational level in a understaffed and risk bearing situation will mean many people will miss connections, luggage will get lost many times and all such risks will be very high, creating strong need for everyone to buy travel insurance online before they fly to anywhere out of the country.

Factor 3: You might get stuck out of India in lock-down

Let there be an assumption that you were able to travel to any country out of India and you landed there all safe and sound, but just before you were supposed to travel back, your host area encountered sudden rise in infections, making it necessary for the government of that area to suspend all travel activities in and out. In such a situation, you will be stuck in your host country until the government of India can arrange for your return. Travel insurance will be your only help in such a case. It will cover for all your extra expenses which you will have to bear during the lock down.

All said and done, for the coming few months, international travel will change like never before.