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Immune System Vs Coronavirus

​How Does Our Immune System Work Against Coronavirus

Millions of people have become infected with corona virus all across the globe. The death figure of Covid-19 has also crossed hundreds of thousands across the globe and the pandemic is not showing any sign of slowing despite ongoing efforts like lock downs, travel restrictions, social distancing and comprehensive testing. The biggest consolatory factor is that fatality rate of the illness is rather low, thanks to the fact that humans have a very strong immune system.

What is human immune system?

Human body comes with thousands of years of evolution which has given your body some of the best things as compared to other mammal species on the planet. Starting from simple things like opposable thumbs which allow firm grabbing of tools to one of the largest brains as compared to others, evolution has been very beneficial to humans. Human immune system is one really important aspect of evolution which allows your body to identify when something harmful has entered it and make antibodies to get rid of it.

While modern advances in medical science and financial support provided by health insurance plans has made people far healthier then the days gone by, the immune system still and will for the foreseeable future continue to be the lynch pin of human health care.

Immune system attacks corona virus?

The immune system of human species is the first line of defence for people who have become infected with corona virus. When a person inhales corona virus through droplets coming from the cough or sneeze of another infected person, some of the virus reaches the lower respiratory tract where its spike proteins latch onto epithelial cells. Gradually the virus starts to reproduce and this leads to creating a lot of antigens.

Once the number antigens reach troubling levels, the immune system goes into action mode. The immune system then starts generating antibodies which attack and dismantle the virus rendering it unable to replicate further.

The role of immunisation

As of now a race is on to develop a vaccine for corona virus. All across the world, government bodies, medical and pharma research firms, health insurance companies and social welfare bodies are investing in research and development of corona virus vaccine. Through a vaccine, the medical practitioners introduce deactivated virus in the body which does not replicate but still triggers a mild response from immune system where it generates antibodies to counter corona virus. This means that next time the virus enters your body in real world scenario, your body is already aware of what is going one and can resolve its very fast.

What do we do till then?

As of now there is no known vaccine or cure for corona infection. This means that human immune system is the only know defence against the infection. The system is currently working in silos with every infected person's body developing its own response. For now, your best defence is safety and information. Get up to date, buy health insurance, wash hands on frequent basis, Practice social distancing and wear masks when stepping out. Try self-quarantine if you develop cough or fever and do not step outside unless absolutely necessary.

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