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How To Stay Fit While You Study in Abroad?

Studying abroad seems fascinating as it bounces an ample of learning opportunities on your plate. Living overseas is exciting; you get a chance to try a wide range of cuisine and enjoy local nightlife. However, pampering yourself with food that your appetite is not familiar with may cause ill effects on health. You will never want bad stomach-aches on the day of examination. Studying abroad is a responsibility. Odd eating hours, junk food and no exercise may add extra pounds along with future health problems. You must know how to stay fit while you study in abroad. Actually, this not very difficult, if just do the following things:

Eat Healthy

Do not waste your money on fancy restaurants or you will have a few to spend on travelling. Explore the town you're living in. Generally, many European countries and American states have local and farmer markets that stock fresh and whole food like fresh local vegetables, eggs and various types of bread. Shop whatever you love from these markets. Eating whole and fresh food is better for health than preserved and processed food.

Basic cooking skills

When you cook with own hands, the result is always delicious. Along with the chosen ingredients, your efforts make the meal delightful. Follow pages on social media to learn new DIY tricks. Ask your mother to teach you some survival cooking too.


Another important task you need to add in your daily schedule when studying abroad.

Many universities and colleges have their own gyms, which are available to the students at reasonable rates or sometimes free. Do not hesitate to use them. If you are not that into gyms, learn some simple exercise and regularly do them. You can also go for Yoga and Meditation to keep you healthy and calm in a foreign country where you really need your mind to function harmoniously.


Walking is the best way to score two goals at a time-

  • One, staying healthy
  • Second, knowing the town.

While walking, you actually pay attention to tiny details in the periphery like shops, road signs and landmarks. This way you will get to know the city much faster. Just wear your comfortable shoes, put your favourite music on and explore the town!

Travel insurance

Staying in an entirely unknown country can be intimidating. No one can predict what may happen to you while studying abroad. Any unfortunate accident leads to hospitalisation and the medical cost in a different country can cost you a fortune. The best way to be prepared for such events is by getting your overseas travel insurance. The travel insurance policy protects you from,

  • Emergency expenses of hospitalisation due to accidents or existing health problems
  • Bail Bond
  • Tuition fees
  • Loss of baggage by airlines
  • Loss of passport

You can also check out student travel insurance policy and secure your abroad study trip easily.