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How to Protect Your Two Wheeler During Holi?

The colorful Indian festival, Holi is just around the corner and you may have certainly started preparing for the festivities beforehand. Isn't it? But what if the festival turns out to be a marplot for your fun?

While playing Holi, it is not just us, who are drenched in water and colors, but also our precious belongings. Splashing water balloons and colors on vehicles is very common during the festival. A one-day fun turns into a year-long distress when you find that your two-wheeler is all stained. Some parts of the bike may even stop working due to heavy and continuous splash of water.

So, what should you do? How to protect your two-wheeler/ bike during Holi? Here are some essential tips for bike protection that you must keep in mind -

1. Plan a Family Trip

If you observe the calendar this year, you will find that you have a complete 3-day long Holi weekend ahead of you. This implies that amidst your hectic work schedule, you are finally getting an opportunity to plan a trip with your family. So, the easiest way to protect your bike and have fun at the same time is to visit the popular weekend getaways near your city.

2. Purchase a High Quality Bike Cover

Do not forget to invest in a water-resistant full-size bike cover before the festival arrives. The cover will protect your bike against Holi colors, water, water balloons, and dust. While covering your bike, make sure that the bike-cover is completely wrapped around the vehicle, leaving no part uncovered. For maximum protection, try to park your bike in a closed area, for example, a garage, where no one can enter.

3. Apply Wax Polish

In addition to a bike-cover, you should purchase wax polish. Apply the wax polish all over the painted panels of your bike and get ready for the fun to begin. The polish will not let the stubborn colors used in the festival to settle on your bike. As a result, your bike won't get any stains and the bike parts​ would remain safe and protected. In addition to wax polish, you can also use a cling film or kitchen wrap to cover the vulnerable areas.

4. Buy Two Wheeler Insurance

Another effective tip is to buy two wheeler insurance before Holi. An insurance policy protects your bike against monetary losses arising out of damages due to natural calamities or human-made calamities. Any sort of third party liability, accidental damage, and theft is also covered under a two wheeler insurance policy. For a detailed information, do contact a reliable insurance provider.

Simply follow these easy tips to keep your bike protected during Holi. In case your bike still gets some color stains, need not to worry. Just wash the bike using motorcycle shampoo and water. Do not use household detergent, as it will remove the wax polish coat on your bike.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these bike-safety ideas and welcome Holi with a bang! Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!!​