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10 Essential Parts of Your Bike and Their Maintenance Tips

If your bike is your companion in the most exciting rides of your life, then you must treat it like you would treat a friend. A bike is much more than its speed and mileage. There are many bike parts that you must treat with care to ensure a smooth ride every time. Know your bike inside out and understand the working of its important parts to be able to maintain it well. Although bike insurance in India makes sure you are well covered, the attempt should be to avoid a situation that requires you to claim it.


Essential parts of a bike


1. Engine- One of the most important parts of your bike is the engine. The valve inside the engine helps in combustion to allow easy movement of air. It also helps the fuel to move to the other parts of the bike. Regular inspection of the engine is a must.


2. Cylinder- Your bike has two cylinders that support the engine in combustion.


3. Filters- The filters are used to help avoid the dust from getting in the fuel or oil.


4. Carburettor- An essential part of the bike, the carburettor has valves, chambers and tubes to help with combustion.


5. Fuel tank- Based on the capacity of your bike, the fuel tank stores fuel.


6. Wheels- Besides the tyre and tube, your bike wheel contains a hub, spokes and rim.


7. Brakes- One of the most essential bike parts, the brakes control the speed of the vehicle and help in stopping it whenever needed. It is dangerous to ride a bike if the brakes are not working well.


8. Battery- The bike's battery gives it the energy to run smoothly at all times. Most bikes have a 12-volt battery that consists of sulphuric acid.


9. Handlebars- You cannot ride your bike without handlebars. They help control and balance the bike making it comfortable to ride. It is best to have handlebars with a rubber grip for the best drive.


10. Headlamp- The headlamp in your bike is also known as the eye of the bike. It will keep you safe and will offer a comfortable ride even in low visibility.


These essential parts of the bike ensure that the bike runs well and keeps you safe. You can protect them with the right bike insurance. Here are some tips to maintain these bike parts.


  • Make it a point to check the engine oil from time to time. It should be free from any leakage.
  • Check the air filter for clogs. If you notice them, change the filter.
  • Pay attention to the bike engine and clean the carburettor from time to time. You also need to check the spark plug and valve. Always keep them clear.
  • Before you sit on the bike, you must look for clutch adjustment. It helps in changing the gear when you ride. So, if the clutch is too tight, you must take the bike to an auto shop.
  • Pay special attention to the bike battery. Use distilled water to top up the battery and check for leaks in it. If the battery is functioning well, your bike will run efficiently.
  • Before you hit the roads, check the condition of the brakes. You must not have very tight or loose brakes as they can hamper your riding experience.


    To ride your bike safely, you need to pay attention to all bike parts and maintain them well. Take the necessary maintenance steps from time to time. When you buy bike insurance online, compare the coverage offered and choose add-ons for extensive coverage of your bike. ​​