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How To Increase Concentration While Riding Two Wheeler?

​Riding a two-wheeler needs concentration, or you can say that concentration is the only critical skill required while riding. It is the only method to ride safely on any road, be it smooth or uneven. 

Your concentration has to be seamless the entire time your bike is in motion. Even a momentary lapse can be costly and painful. To keep your focus intact, you should anticipate what’s coming ahead in your way, be it a shifting pattern of traffic or the next corner on a track. One of the most common causes of brain fade is thinking about something that caught you off guard or a mistake you just made. Even a small mistake is enough to distract you while on the go, don’t let this catch you out. Always remember, as long as you are riding the bike, your mind has to be awake, in action. Riding a motorcycle is a full-time activity, which doesn't forgive wandering attention.
There is a strong connection between mental fatigue and physical fatigue. If you want to maintain your mental concentration, you have to refrain from overtaxing yourself physically, as well. The simple tension in our muscles is one of the most significant physical exertions on the bike, which we often fail to understand. Pressure is one of those dangerous things that creep up unnoticed until we get off the bike and suddenly notice our numbed forearms, hands, and other body parts.

​​We think to keep ourselves relaxed while riding is easy and does not require any additional efforts. But that’s not true! Even the simple act of breathing can drain us physically. When you are under stress, your involuntary reflexes like blinking, breathing, and relaxing tend to shut down or at least occur much less frequently. It’s evident that you won’t completely forget to breathe, but you will not breathe frequently enough to keep an adequate flow of oxygen, thereby straining your muscles. If you are experiencing light muscle tremors or blurring sights, you should instantly stop and start taking long breathes to ease your nerves and senses. Don’t force yourself to continue riding while you feel uncomfortable or breathless. Your ignorance can take away your life!

Keeping yourself mentally relaxed and focused can enhance your ability to remain physically sound and vice versa. It’s not possible to achieve one aspect without the other. All the more, you should know that concentration is the cardinal feature of staying mentally ahead while riding so that you know what’s there in front of you. Always ride with an assumption that the person riding ahead of you is not concerned about your safety. So, keep your eyes and mind open when you hit the road. Concentrate! Anticipate! React!

Also, you should keep this in consideration that no matter how smart and focused you are the person riding behind you, can be impatient and ignorant. You should buy two wheeler insurance​ for a hassle-free ride. Also, purchasing an add-on personal accident cover along with your two-wheeler insurance will be a perfect move.