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Guide to Successfully Maintain your Electric Car

Electric cars are a lot simpler than conventional diesel or petrol cars. Apart from being eco-friendly, these vehicles are easier to maintain, thereby minimizing the servicing cost and making the process hassle-free. The benefits of fewer moving parts, fewer fluids than traditional diesel or petrol vehicle, and regenerative braking mean a much lower maintenance burden. Let's have a look at these essential maintenance tips for your electric car-

Battery care

Your electric car's battery is more similar to a conventional car's engine in terms of cost and value. It's the biggest, the most expensive part of your vehicle. Also, it is a significant factor in the car's future resale value. Take precautions like charging the battery too much or letting the battery go totally dead. For better understanding, read the car's owner manual.

Brake service

Brake pads and discs are different from brake fluid. How often your electric car's brake pads and discs need servicing depends on the regeneration settings of your brake, how hard you drive, how frequently you drive, and what kind of surface you drive on. If you hit the brake too often, you will have to get it serviced regularly.

Coolant service

Yes, Yes! We all know that electric cars have no engine. But they still need coolant to keep the big battery cool, or it will catch fire. Now you must be wondering when you should change the coolant of your electric car. The answer is that it depends on the type of car you drive and the type of driver you are. For 50,000 miles for a Tesla Model 3, you need to change the coolant every four years whereas it's not the same for a Chevy Bolt

Brake fluid service

Electric vehicles mostly do their everyday stopping through regenerative braking. In this process, the mechanical brakes aren't used. Even in electric cars brake discs and pads are pressed together with the help of the same hydraulic fluid found in a conventional vehicle. The liquid used in the process is hygroscopic, which means it is likely to absorb water from the air, thereby destroying your brake system. To avoid this situation, you should flush out the water regularly.

Tyre rotation

Rotating the tyres is the most common yet the most neglected car maintenance tip​. However, you should not neglect it if you own an electric vehicle. An electric vehicle has a substantial footing because of the big battery it is fitted with. Also, it exerts a lot of torque on the driven wheels, which makes tyre rotation an essential servicing task. Wouldn't it be a shame if you realize you are polluting the environment excessively by tossing out tires more often than you need to?

Be it a conventional car or an electric car, and you need to keep it maintained to ensure it keeps running for a long time. To ensure the safety of your vehicle, insure it with a car insurance policy. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers your car against several threats likes accidents, fire, flood, etc.