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Guide To Subscribe And Lease a Car During this Pandemic

Maruti Suzuki has expanded their subscribe and lease program now into 4 different cities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project was started with Bangalore and Gurugram at the start of July has now been expanded to cities like Pune and Hyderabad. This is a partnership program and Maruti Suzuki has collaborated with Myles to provide this service. Also, new programs with shorter rental prices are now available. 

The program was launched with an aim for the people who would like to lease a car rather than buy one. This is made for individuals and is targeted towards corporate clients. You don't have to worry about the motor insurance with this subscription. 

How is the plan different in new cities?

Now as the operations have been handled by Orix in Gurugram and Bangalore the company has collaborated with Myles in Hyderabad and Pune. The basic procedure is the same in all the 4 cities but the tenure available are shorter in this time due to the offer period. Along with the normal 24, 36- and 48-month lease now you can also opt for 12- and 18-month lease. The company has claimed that people in Pune can get a Swift Lxi as low as 17,000 monthly subscription and people in Hyderabad can get the same at around 18,000 monthly subscription

With the rising demand for mobility, the subscription service is provided for people who are looking for cheaper alternatives than to purchase a car. 

Why you can lease a car in COVID-19 pandemic

Sanitized Cars

The cars provided in the subscription would be 100% safe and would be properly sanitized. The car rentals are taking utmost care that they get you a safe car and the cars thus thoroughly sanitised before and after they are used. Hygiene is a top priority these days and thus there is no question about safety when getting a vehicle for a subscription. Get car insurance with the vehicle. 

Flexible subscription

The current is the situation is unpredictable and people are not preferring currently to get a personal vehicle and spend a lot on it. With this, the car subscription could be a worth taking option and the cost would be very nominal. Getting a car subscription is now flexible, cheap and is now more convenient than ever. 

Keyless Entry Systems

Now the cars that will be provided to you can have a keyless entry system which means it is touch-free Many people these days are worried about what they touch and to minimise this the physical contact with the keys have been decreased. This is the part of safety and sanitation and adds to the reason for getting a car on lease during this pandemic. 


Now getting a vehicle subscribed will also save your money and with a large plan available from 1 month to even 48 months you can get the vehicle for as long as you desire. You get the vehicle in good working conditions with insurance policy as well so that you don't have to worry about anything lease. 

However, if you have your vehicle buy car insurance now.