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Guide to Parking your Car in the Right Manner

​Knowing how to park correctly is extremely crucial. That goes without saying, however, a lot of people are pretty careless about parking and that inevitably leads to accidents. If you’re an irresponsible parker, you don’t just put yourself and your car at risk, but also others.

Parking rage is a common phenomenon when a person gets into a blind rage because of the difficulties associated with parking. Before you even start to park, you should focus on being calm and patient. And once you’ve achieved that, you should use the right methods to park, regardless of where you are.

You should also get a reliable car insurance because accidents are all too common, and an insurance is the only thing keeping you from being financially crippled.

​Below is a step-by-step guide on how to park in various difficult situations.

Parking in Garages and Lots
One of the most common parking spaces that all city dwellers have to deal with is in crowded parking lots in shopping malls, office complexes, schools, etc. These spaces are usually very crowded and there’s an optimal amount of space allocated for all cars. As such, you need to park extremely straight and centered so that you’re not occupying someone else’s parking space.

Sometimes, you might come across cars that have been parked at an angle. You should avoid those spaces and find another spot because it’s possible that the car might hit yours while they’re reversing.

Furthermore, you should also look out for the signs on the grounds and floors as some spaces are “one way” only. Going into those spaces may cause a traffic problem.

Parking on Sloping Grounds or Hills
One of the most important things you need to focus on when you’re parked on a sloping space is the emergency brakes. They’re a necessity so your car doesn’t backslide. However, sometimes the emergency brakes also fail. To avoid that, you should be wary of how you park.

Park close to the curb and be sure to pull up the handbrakes. While parking upwards, your wheels should be turned left, and while parking downwards your wheels should be turned right.

Parking in Reverse
When you’re parking, you can either park the car straight in which case you’ll have to back away into traffic. This is dangerous. The alternative is to back yourself into a parking space so you can get out with more vision.

When you’re reversing into a parking space, you should turn on your signal so that the cars behind you know what you’re doing. Furthermore, instead of trying to back away directly, you should pull yourself a little ahead of the space and then back away into it. While doing this, you should also look back so you know you’re not bumping into another car.

Finally, as you reverse into the space, straighten the wheels, all while looking back still.

Well, these are some common tips for parking​ that most people get wrong. However, regardless of however careful you are, accidents still happen. As such, you should get a reliable car insurance to mitigate the financial costs.