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Best Gadgets that Help in Accurate Car Parking

​Parking is undoubtedly one of the most daunting tasks that all drivers face. That’s especially true in India where the streets are always crowded and traffic rules mean less than they should. In fact, most minor accidents don’t actually happen while driving but while cars are parking or simply parked already.

When parking, you generally have to keep one eye ahead of you, while simultaneously looking back as well, while trying to avoid all other cars and pedestrians. It’s a nightmare!

However, in recent years, several technological innovations have been made that make accurate parking a lot easier. The following are some gadgets and technologies to help you park easily.


Parking Sensors
Physical sensors have been around since the 1970s when they could be used by blind people to navigate the physical spaces. However, in 2003, parking sensors were successfully installed into a Toyota Prius.

These sensors are installed in car bumpers and they use ultrasonic technology to “sense” the environment and thus maintain an optimum distance between obstacles. As the driver goes closer to an obstacle, the sensor starts beeping loudly, thus warning you that you’re too close to a collision. These are the most common parking technological inventions.

360 Degree Cameras for Reversing
Even though reverse parking cameras were installed in a Buick Centurion way back in 1954, they only started featuring in mainstream cars in the 2000s. These cameras are usually paired with parking sensors. As such, when you come close to an obstacle, you can see a visual of it in your dashboard, along with pointers on where you can drive to avoid the obstacle as well.

Furthermore, some of the most advanced cars come with 360-degree cameras all around the car so you can observe your surrounding from several angles. You can even switch between the different cameras.

Smart Parking
Have you ever had trouble finding parking spaces in crowded cities? You don’t need to answer that question, living in India that’s an obvious YES!

Now that everything is going digital, so is parking. Smart Parking is the phenomenon whereby you can use online portals and apps to find and book parking spaces wherever you’re going.

Get My Parking is an app that gives users real-time information on all parking spaces available in a particular area. This app can be used by suppliers of parking spaces and by consumers.

As such, if you’re going to a mall or shopping complex with crowded parking, you can book a parking space online. It’s currently available in the Delhi/NCR region, however, it’s soon to also expand in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Nagpur, Bangalore and many other cities.

You can download Get My Parking from the Google Play Store.

These are some of the prime gadgets and technologies you can use to enhance the experience of parking exponentially. However, you can’t ever completely negate human error. As such, accidents can still happen, no matter how many precautions and gadgets you use. That’s why you should get a reliable car insurance so you don’t have to bear the financial burden of any such accidents.