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Guide On Disposing Old Medicines Safely

​How To Dispose Old Medicines Safely?

Expired medicines are a threat to other people, stray animals, and the environment. Here are the tips to dispose of all old or expired medicines safely and in an environment-friendly way.

Medicines that are no longer required need to be disposed of properly and safely so that it won't affect the environment and stray animals in case they have taken it with other food items lying on the roadside.

All medicines have their expiry date and should not be taken after that as it may lead to serious problems. Pharmaceutical companies mention the manufacturing and expiry dates of all medicines according to their properties and shelf life. The best way to prevent an overload of medicines is to bring each medicine to the doctor on your next appointment and consult with him and make your medicine list up-to-date.

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  • Organize your medicines

    Prepare a list of all the medicines that you are taking and needed regularly, as per the direction of your doctor. Also, mentioned the time and dosage of each medicine for your convenience. Now, check all extra medicines that you are no longer taking because of ailment or switching on to a different one as per the doctor's prescription. You need to dispose of that medicine from your medicine box or cabinet so that you'll not get confused between the medicines and end up taking old or expired ones.

    Tips for disposing of medicines

    You need to follow FDA guidelines to dispose of all the old or expired medicines properly so that it won't affect the environment. You can dispose of unused medicines by taking a drug back program or at your place.

  • The government runs several programs in which people can give their unused medicines back to govt. for further use or if the medicines are expired then, it can be disposed of by the govt. itself.
  • Flushing expired medicine is another way of disposing of.
  • You can also dispose of expired medicines in your household trash.
  • Some powerful medicines and other controlled substances have instructions for flushing printed on them to avoid misuse.
  • ​​​

    It highly recommended to all the readers to please check the instructions for flushing printed on medicines before taking any action. The safe and secure ways to dispose of medicines are good and helpful for all of us as well as the environment. ​

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