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Follow These Tips To Keep Your Car Maintained in The Long Run

​​There are times when you leave your car unused for several reasons. Be it relocating to a different town or extended vacation, and given the current scenario, due to quarantine, when you are not allowed to use it. If you do not maintain your car properly for such long-erm storages, you probably have to spend a fortune on its servicing later. Besides preparing it for the long-term storage make sure your motor insurance is maintained and valid. This blog explains certain tips to preserve your car for an extended time. 

1. Park inside or keep it covered 

If you let your car parked on a street for an extended period without covering it, you more likely will return to a dead battery, a jammed engine, or damaged tires. To avoid such damages, park your car inside, ideally, a garage. Storing it in a garage will protect it from foreign elements and keep it at a stable temperature. In case of not having a garage, consider keeping it in public car storage. If you cannot make an arrangement and have to park it outdoors, make sure to cover it with a waterproof cover, to avoid it from getting dirty and wet.

2. Get it washed 

Cleaning and getting your car washed may seem illogical when you are going to store it for months or several weeks. However, it is an important step, which must not be skipped. Because the bird droppings and watermarks fallen on the car may damage its paint. Clean the wheels as well as car fenders to eliminate dirt, grease, mud, tar and other grime. You can also wax coat your car to give it added protection. 

3. Change the Car Oil 

Consider this step when you are storing your car for more than a month and can skip it when you are storing it for a week or two. Getting the oil changed is essential because used oil contains contaminants, which can pose potential damage to the engine. 

4. Fill the fuel tank to the top

Filling up the storage tank is an important storage tip because when you leave your car unused for a long period, it starts to rust inside the fuel tank. To avoid the situation, fill up the tank of the car to the top with petrol, you can also go for some fuel additives. This is the best way to prevent moisture and rust inside the tank. Make sure the tank is sealed properly. 

5. Maintain Battery

When you are going to put the car in the storage for a longer period, remove its battery. Also, apply grease or petroleum jelly on its terminals and ends of the wires to prevent rusting. Make sure the battery is completely charged, and the water level is topped up. Keep the battery in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight. 
6. Maintain your car insurance 

You would certainly consider cancelling the insurance while your vehicle is in storage. It may save you some money initially, but be informed that insurance providers may also raise the rates because of the coverage gap, which can be an expensive deal in the long run. However, this completely depends upon your location and who is your insurance provider. So, before cancelling the policy contact the company to see the available option. In case the insurance has expired, get it renewed or buy car insurance​ if you do not have one.