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Follow these Tips before Starting your Fitness Routine after a Break

​​Remember the time when you were a fitness freak and went to the gym five times every week dedicatedly. But then life happed, and you get caught up with other works and started missing your training sessions now and then. We understand your condition. Family commitments, long working hours, or a sudden sickness, can really create havoc in your life. Suddenly your exercise regime goes from regular to non-existence. Don't worry! We are here to help you get back on track. A little motivation and these exciting tips will help you restart your workout sessions and get back into a healthy routine again-

Start with easy exercises-

When you plan on getting back into exercising after a long time, you should consider taking it slow. Don't start lifting weights from the first day at the gym. Instead, begin with cardio exercises that keep you moving. Starting the regime is something you should focus on first. When you start feeling confident enough to lift weights, then go for the weights.

Commit to 15-30 minutes-

If you feel that long sessions at the gym are too overwhelming, then you should start by working out for at least 15 minutes every day. It's a lot less daunting than working out for an hour. Once you are committed to these 15 hours, start increasing your time and keep up the excellent work.

Remember how good it makes you feel-

Think about the results it will bring. It is always a good idea to reward you once you start working out again and feel fitter than before. Buy a dress/ shirt for yourself that can show off your toned body. Think about all the compliments you will get and how amazing you will feel afterward. Apart from sore muscles, you will never regret a good workout session.

Set the alarm/Put it as an activity-

You are most likely to make excuses for not working out when you start after a long break. Even a small inconvenience or distraction can deter you. Therefore, it is advisable to have a workout scheduled so that you don't make other plans at the time of working out. If you used to work out in the mornings, and you have other task scheduled in the morning, workout in the evening. Skipping makes you lazy! Commit to a quick 15-minute HIIT session, as doing something is better than doing nothing.

 Take one month challenge-

We often take problems seriously and tend to complete it. If you want to start exercising again, then try a 1-month fitness challenge. Lots of boot camps, gyms, and yoga studios offer one-month challenges. By having the sessions broken down into a smaller time frame, you won't feel too overwhelmed.

Do it for yourself, not anyone else-

When you work out for yourself, you feel more in power than working out for someone else. You should exercise for your physical and mental health. Being fit and healthy should be about making yourself feel great, having confidence, and aspiring to be your best version. Every time you exercise, know that you are doing it for yourself and celebrate that.

Apart from working out regularly, one more thing you should do for yourself is getting a health insurance policy. A health insurance policy keeps you insured against the sky-rocketing medical expenses. Buy a health insurance policy and get peace of mind now. Happy Exercising!