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Eye Care And Safety Tips For Avoiding Coronavirus

​Your eyes assist you to see the world and you cannot compromise on their safety no matter what the case is. And because preventive care for your eyes may be delayed amid the COVID pandemic, hence you must take extra care to keep them protected from the highly infectious coronavirus.   

Note that the following eye care and safety tips are recommended but keep in mind, avoiding a visit to the doctor may not be a great idea in case you are facing major eye issues. You may go for online appointments if possible but getting medical advice and having a health insurance policy is a must in such situations. Read ahead the essential eye care and safety tips: 

1. Avoid Wearing Contact Lenses: 

Wearing contact lenses is a great maintenance task. You have to take extra measures to keep your contact lenses safe from contamination at every time. Utilizing contact during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a bad thing as some people tend to touch their eyes more frequently in comparison to others. Since one could get infected with COVID-19 by touching their face with infected hands, it is suggested to discontinue the utilization of contact lenses. 

2. Use Spectacles: 

Spectacles are much convenient to maintain in comparison to contact lenses. In fact, spectacles can deliver a specific amount of protection against coronavirus. If you step out wearing glasses and get exposed to droplets from an infected person coughing or sneezing, these droplets may land on the spectacles instead of your face. Hence, keeping you virtually safe from coronavirus. For extra protection, you can choose corona kavach

3. Create a Backup Of Medicines: 

Always keep a backup of eye medicines as these may be unavailable for instant utilization. This goes for all kinds of medicines that you require. In current times, people are needed to practice social distancing and it is affecting the distribution and production of goods also. Some companies are needed to work on reduced capacity. Hence, it is essential that you develop at least one backup of the things that are of utmost significance. 

4. Keep Your Nails Short: 

It is not hygienic to have long nails, mainly during COVID-19. Tons of dirt can gather under the nails. That can act as a fabulous storage space for the COVID-19. Especially if you forget to clean this area with water as well as soap while washing your hands. If you rub your eyes, two different things could happen first nail could cause an injury, second is coronavirus can get transferred from the dirt under your nail directly to the eyes, and lead to COVID-19. 

5. Frequently Disinfect All Sets of Spectacles: 

You have to disinfect your specs at least once a day or every time if you step outside, as there could be contaminated droplets on the spectacles. Relying on the material of the spectacles, utilize water and soap or an alcohol-based wipe to disinfect them. If you have separate pairs of glasses, you should disinfect them before putting on. You can also have corona rakshak for proper security.​

Wash your hands many times. Follow major contact lens hygiene. And ignore touching or rubbing your mouth, nose, and eyes. If you have any questions about your vision or your eyes, make sure to ask your ophthalmologist.