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Enjoy your Vacation without the Unwanted Rain Affecting It

​​Imagine you have done your homework on your trip, researched on your holiday location, packed according to your destination’s weather and can’t wait to get started with your picture-perfect and ideal summer vacation.

Guess what? Luck is not on your side. The moment you arrive at your vacation spot you see that the flood-gates have opened.  Your weeks of research and planning are all down the drain. You don’t even have appropriate clothes or a decent itinerary to follow. What can you do in such a scenario? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.​

Safeguard your vacation against torrential rains and make the most of the following tips to salvage your vacation in the midst of the inclement weather.

Change your perception and enjoy the weather:  There is no point crying over spilt milk. Rather make the most of the wet climate. A rainy day can’t really compare to the sun-kissed outing you were hoping for. However, wet weather can offer a different proposition altogether.  Hardly anything can be as enthralling as enjoying local waterfalls in the rains and bearing the rains in a park. The earthy smell of the rain makes you forget about all your worries.

Pack for the worst-case scenario: Surprisingly, pessimism can really be helpful during travelling. Ensure you pack considering the worst-case scenario.  Always keep a mosquito repellent cream handy. If you are planning to go camping or spending the night at a tent or bungalow, keep small mosquito net with you.  This will guarantee that you don’t wake up covered in irritating and itchy mosquito bites in the morning.  It is also suggested to buy a water-resistant bag to keep your valuable like phone, tabs, camera, cards or medicines dry. It can prove to be the wisest decision you make, considering you don’t want your valuables to be swamped in the sudden rainstorm.

Find a comfy vantage point:  Get indoors and enjoy the weather. Sipping hot coffee from a vantage point as you watch the rain come thundering down is as calming as it could get. If you managed to find a dry and cozy viewpoint, the stormier the weather, the more romantic and picturesque it gets. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do:  Life always finds a way. Locals would hardly be bothered about the rains and life would continue for them even in inclement conditions. Consider this an opportunity to throw away the itinerary and make impromptu plans to find the getaways during the rains which only the locals are aware about.   You never know, you might even find hidden gems of the city which other tourists have not even heard about. Keep in mind; this wouldn’t have been possible on a sunny day.

Brave the weather:  The crowd generally avoids getting out during the rains. Hence, you get the privilege of travelling the city on a deserted mode rather its usual congested mode. In case you fancy photography, you can get some great shots of famous monuments in the city from a different perspective. If you have a thing for adventure, imagine clicking pictures of Gateway of India during a storm. What an experience!  Note: Just make sure you have proper travel insurance​ before you even consider such a feat.

Hope you got enough insights to make the most of your vacations even in the case of a downpour. ​