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Check These Things Before Starting Your Car Post Lockdown

The lockdown brought in by the coronavirus pandemic has taken a lot of precious days of our lives and while we make sobering realization like life will not be the same even after the lockdown is over, the driving experience must not be marred by it. The majority of cars have been grounded for more than 2 months now. You may be itching to get behind the wheel again and so you shall. But before you set off, for your safety and that of the car, there are some simple things you must keep in your mind.

Check fluid levels:

The coolant levels and engine oil must be checked before you start the engine. It has been suggested that after starting it, you should leave the engine active for a couple of minutes before setting off. This enables the liquid to circulate through all the tubes and hoses and lubricants all the parts. Just like motor insurance​, it is essential step for you and your car. 

Check tire pressures: 

When you do not drive your car for a long time, tires lose air pressure in them. This happens due to the process of permeability, whereby tires basically lose a little air every day, especially in the summer. If the vehicle remains stationary and the tires lose all their air, the weight of the car could deform the wheel and damage the rim. 
Basically, if you know that your car is going to be parked for a very long time, you should inflate the tires to the maximum capacity suggested by the manufacturer and check the pressure frequently. Before starting the car, check the pressure again and ensure it’s the correct one for driving. 


When the vehicle is stationary, you must check all the aspects that are used while driving, including indicators, lights, windscreen wipers, windows, and all the electronic devices. This information can be showcased on the car’s infotainment system.
If something does not work properly, a warning light on the display will let you know what needs to be checked. Also, it is essential to review that all the assistance you use is connected with the default settings. 

You should also check the condition of the brakes. To do this, it is suggested that you press the pedal for few times and notice that it holds its positions. And finally, ensure that you do not hear any unusual noises when you begin the engine. 

Check all the essential documents:

When did you last park your car and were the papers in a systematic manner? Before driving your car, make sure that you have all the essential documents, especially insurance. If you do not have insurance, then buy car insurance online first before driving your car. As per the laws in India, every driver should have at least a third party vehicle insurance, so it's mandatory. 

So, these are some points that you should keep in mind if you are starting to drive your car post lockdown.